1. S

    Job demand for trade jobs around the world.

    I am currently in varsity but I'm worried my job in the industry(finance) will be automated. So what is the global demand for trade jobs as they are not likely to be automated. Trade jobs are plumbers, mechanics, electricians etc. Also what is the average annual salary of these jobs.
  2. A

    Altcointrader auto trade

    Hello everyone, for 3 months now I have been trading Altco-Intrader with a bot, I can’t imagine how to work without it. Software description copy-paste We are a team of WEB developers. Recent months have been actively developing an application for trading cryptocurrency on various exchanges...
  3. blackguyza

    Stock exchange rate calculator and cryptocurrency

    For those who love money and cryptocurrency Found it on another board - this program shows which stock exchange is more profitable to buy and sell and which cryptocurrency The most powerful tool to help both novice and professional trader... * Contains a list of 30 popular exchanges * Able...
  4. gerard6 vacancy trader?

    Does anyone know how you can get them to trade? Previously, their vacancies were open, but there was no desire and opportunity
  5. D

    Rant: Why do we even have trade and retail values anymore?

    Good Day Everyone, I apologise that this is basically just a rant about the dodge dealings of car dealers in South Africa. I currently have a 2007 Mercedes Benz CLK 500. 125000km on the clock. Trade Estimate: R167000 Retail Estimate: R200000 I still owe R157000. I was looking to...
  6. L

    Best 2nd hand car to buy under R150 k ???

    Good Day all I'm new to mybroadband so please don't be harsh if i may ask a dumb/repeated question here, i'm still figuring this out :p Im looking at buying a 2nd hand vehicle around the R150k mark. I have lined up quite few cars im looking at. Main focus is on Fuel economy...
  7. T

    iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB Silver for Trade or Cash

    Looking to sell iPod 5th Gen 32GB Silver. Or trade for a decent smartphone (NOT Nokia or Blackberry!). Is in perfect condition. Some very minor wear on the bezel. Comes with USB cable, charger and a rubber cover. Attached photo for reference. Do not have actual pics of device. But is as new...
  8. O

    [Feeler][S/T] Trade Galaxy S3 for iPhone 5S

    Item name (be very descriptive): White Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Age and condition: 7 Months (Bought new off Carbonite) - Good Condition, Minor chip on left side, but everything else is 100% Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes - remainder of 2 Year with Samsung Reason for selling: Looking...
  9. H

    STEAM Keys - Trade Thread.

    Post your steam keys you want to trade here! I'll start off with my list. -A Virus Named TOM -Alpha Prime -ARMA: Cold War Assault -ARMA: Gold Edition -ARMA Tactics -Bastion -Beast Boxing Turbo -Brütal Legend -Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box -Carrier Command: Gaea Mission -Command &...
  10. LazyLion

    Ivory Trade 'Gang of Eight' Countries Escape Sanctions

    Eight nations accused of failing to do enough to tackle the illegal trade in elephant ivory escaped sanctions at a major wildlife meeting on Thursday. The plight of Africa's elephants was one of the top issues at a more than a week of talks bringing together the 178 member nations of the...
  11. LazyLion

    Wildlife Trade Body to Take Sharks Off the Menu

    The world's main body regulating trade in wildlife moved Monday to provide five shark species with greater protection against overfishing driven primarily by demand for fin soup in Asia and shark steaks in Europe. The oceanic whitetip, three hammerhead species and the porbeagle won the...
  12. K

    DotA 2 Item trade

    Hey guys. I'm looking for Bounty Hunter's "Master Assassin's Tails". It's the last item I need for that set. Does anyone on MyBB have it and, are you willing to trade me for it? Send me a PM if you do have it :) Thanks!
  13. C

    CS : GO for Arma2 arrowhead?

    Hey guys :) Not sure if this allowed but anyway I've got a spare CS : GO key i would like to trade for Arma2 + Operation Arrowhead(Together they form Combined Operations). Lemme know via Pm if you are interested or flame me here :P
  14. T

    Steam Gateway Timeouts

    Hi I currently own a 4MB telkom DSL line, capped. Everything works perfectly except that I can't use my steam client properly. I also can't connect to the server properly. Here are the things that pop out as a 504 Gateway Timeout: -Add Friend. -Going to on my...
  15. P

    Tons of torrent invites for......

    Hello people, I have lots of invites and accounts for a trade or for selling.. Feel free to ask me for them.. Especially, I have plenty of Torrentleech invites. fyi guys... 1. Animebyt.Es 2. Audionews 3. Awesome-Hd.Net 4. Bit Gamer 5. Bithdtv 6. Bithumen Account 7. Bitme 8...
  16. Nod

    Patel: SA to partner with China

    Source: News24
  17. jes

    China escalates battle over computer security

    China escalates battle over computer security China has ordered its banks and other major companies to limit use of foreign computer security technology, setting up a possible trade clash with the United States and Europe while adding to strains over high-tech secrecy as some nations threaten...