1. S

    Telkom July Big Deal - Assistance please

    Has anybody taken them up on this offer? R599 for Uncapped LTE (Business Hours) R899 for Uncapped LTE (All Hours) I've been thinking of going with this for gaming as Fibre is taking forever to come to my area, and ADSL is capped at 4Mbps speeds which is just not on. I currently have...
  2. NeonNinja

    If you had unlimited consumables for a year?

    What would it be?
  3. S

    Telkom Mobile Canal Walk can't supply devices

    I now understand why Telkom is so widely hated. 12 days ago I applied to upgrade my contract from one costing R180/month to one costing R200 a month. It took them a few days to approve that. I guess that's understandable although retarded. Since then I have been waiting for them to actually...
  4. A

    AT&T fined $100 million for cap on 'unlimited' data plans

    AT&T fined $100 million for internet speed cap on 'unlimited' data plans Millions of AT&T customers were affected by the practice Brian Fung Thursday 18 June 2015 The Federal Communications Commission slapped AT&T with a $100 million fine Wednesday, accusing the country's...
  5. L

    Vodacom needs a Prepaid Unlimited package

    MTN and Cell C has a Unlimited prepaid package why does vodacom not have one?
  6. Jan

    Telkom Mobile unlimited data advertising challenged

    Is Telkom Mobile's unlimited data promise true? Telkom’s Mobile’s promise of unlimited data on its “Limitless contract” lands the operator in hot water.
  7. C

    Unlimited Internet browsing Sim Card

    Saw these ads on gumtree and Bid or Buy. Does anybody have a link to vodacom selling them and are they actually worth buying. http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/120280803/UNLIMTED_INTERNET_ACCESS_SIM_CARD.html and...
  8. QuintonB

    Mweb uncapped ADSL is truly uncapped: ASA

    Mweb uncapped ADSL claims win at ASA Mweb’s enforcement of its acceptable use policy does not preclude the ISP from advertising its uncapped ADSL products as “uncapped”
  9. jes

    Telkom Mobile swings marketing punch at Vodacom

    Telkom Mobile swings marketing punch at Vodacom Telkom Mobile has thrown another punch in the ongoing ‘unlimited versus limitless’ advertising battle with Vodacom
  10. N

    Oldest Telecom scraps fair usage policy - becomes truly unlimited!

    We need to reach this point at some stage. One day...if not in our childrens time them our childrens children LOL News article: Unlimited
  11. P

    8ta - Premium Rated numbers - Unlimited Calling plan - and other terms and conditions

    So I've been having an interesting email going with the 8ta team. I got one of the unlimited calling plan contracts from the local Telkom store and found out that it is not so unlimited as they advertise. You only get a 100 unique numbers per month and you get billed for a call longer than 1...
  12. K

    Airtel Broadband Madurai 9994245427

    I need airtel broadband in madurai
  13. T

    Does *Unlimited Bandwidth exist?

    Is *unlimited bandwidth (on hosting) real? I always wonder if this is really the case or its just a marketing term that providers use to oversell their capacity. Other providers who get capacity from the major providers have to oversell at a premium for them to exist. Some providers do provide...
  14. Z

    "Unlimited Detail" Graphics Engine

    A Graphics Engine being devloped by Austrailian company Euclideon, claims to have found a way of rendering graphics with "Unlimited Detail" http://youtu.be/00gAbgBu8R4 Viable now? I don't think so, It needs at least 3-4 years to become viable, also the hardware requirements will be tremendous...
  15. jes

    Unlimited hosting space and bandwidth at R18 per month

    Unlimited hosting space and bandwidth at R18 per month Hosting Unlimited takes on MWEB in the hosting market with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for R18 per month
  16. Rouxenator

    Insignia OPC Unlimted : 270km/h from 239kW/325hp

    It includes driver's training on the Opel test tracks at Dudenhofen.... and obviously you can't get it here in SA :( Still very nice to look at :
  17. jes

    BlackBerry phone plus unlimited Internet for R79 per month

    BlackBerry phone plus unlimited Internet for R79 per month New look Vodacom is offering subscribers great value for money in the smartphone market
  18. A

    Hosting Unlimited

    Came across this today: http://blog.quickshare.co.za/2010/08/28/trying-something-new/ If anything has the potential to put Hosting Unlimited to the test, this kind of service is it. Is anyone here using them and actually moving any meaningful amount of data? How have the service levels...
  19. D

    Wheres the Catch?? Mweb??

    ok hi guys, i just saw on TV that Mweb is hosting unlimited Adsl 348 kb/s for only R220 pm???? WHERE IS THE CATCH??? i mean only R899 for unlimited 4MB/s internet? im must be smoking something! EDIT i just realised that @lantic is doing the same thing for us? are we actually taking a...
  20. LazyLion

    1 month free unapped ADSL competition!

    1 month free uncapped ADSL competition! Got this in my e-mail this morning! :D EDIT: THE COMPETITION IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!