1. V

    MTN 3rd Party Contract Upgrades

    I really need some help. A few months ago a 3rd party (not MTN) called to say my MTN contract was ready for an upgrade. Stupidly, I said yes. Weeks passed, eventually a box arrived containing not what I ordered but a router instead. According to the instructions I returned it to MTN directly and...
  2. I

    Advice needed: PC upgrades

    Hi all, I am currently stumped as to which parts to upgrade. I'm not pushing for anything in particular, but some advice on my current rig would be awesome. I am also without a headset, so if someone could recommend a relatively good but not too pricey one, that too would be much appreciated...
  3. LazyLion

    Common Windows 8 Gripes and some possible solutions

    Microsoft is preparing an update to Windows 8 for release later this year. It says the changes are designed to address complaints and confusion with the new operating system. Windows 8 is the most radical overhaul of Microsoft's operating system since Windows 95 came out nearly two decades...
  4. LazyLion

    Another Ockie Appreciation Thread!

    I had a whole bunch of changes to put through on our company contracts with Vodacom and Ockie patiently worked through all of them and made the necessary changes. Then yesterday my brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 arrived delivered to my desk! Ockie got me a great deal on the upgrade, threw in the...
  5. W

    Telkom upgrades active?

    The work's 384 line seems to be a 1 meg line now: This is in the Maitland/Kensington area in Cape Town. I first noticed that a download was much faster than normal. I did a speedtest.net at 8:15 this morning (you will notice it says 6:15 GMT in the pic).
  6. jes

    Telkom 512Kbps ADSL speed upgrades begin

    Telkom 512Kbps ADSL speed upgrades begin ADSL subscribers begin to report that their DSL512 lines have been upgraded to 1Mbps
  7. LazyLion

    Why do I not get the promised 8Mbps? [Article]

    I found this pretty interesting in figuring out what is going on with your line... From this site.... http://www.talktalkmembers.com/content/view/99/68/ Something we hear often is "Why am I not getting 8Mbps" ? Well the offer is up to 8Mbps and we would love to be able to say to people...
  8. D


    Ok so I currently have a : *Core2Duo 2.2Ghz CPU *2Gb 667Mhz Ram (2x1Gb) *And my motherboard is a Gigabyte S-series (GA-G31MX-S2) That I'm thinking about upgrading. My other specs are : *600W iON2+ PSU *ATi HD4850 512 DDR3 GPU That I'm happy with. But I feel that my...
  9. N

    Available devices on upgrade

    Hi, all I know that this post is slightly off topic for this forum, but it's the closest fit I could find. I'm on the Vodacom Weekender Everyday package, and due for upgrade at the end of August. I'm looking for a complete list of devices available to me (I think you guys call it a "deal...
  10. B

    What phone for my upgrade on Vodacom?

    Need some advice from you guys out there on Vodacom upgrade packages. I'm seriously considering the SE X1i...so here's the question...What's the pay-in if I'm upgrading? Currently on a business call contract. Checked out the Vodacom website but it's vague WRT to upgrades. Also are there any...