1. D

    Need a Biltong Recipe!

    Greeting all! (Im New here, have always come across MyBroadband, but never really had the chance to utilise it) Anyway! My Dad was said to be a great Biltong Maker, (Didnt know him so this is off storys off other people), but Im sick of paying R350 per KG for biltong! Its said to be easy...
  2. H

    Per User Bandwidth Management for Wireless Networks

    Good evening everyone. Can anyone please enlighten me as to how one can manage bandwidth allocation on a per user bases for wireless clients? Example: user A is limited up to 1Mbps, user B is limited to 2Mbps, and user C is limited to 512Kbps? Limiting protocols on the network in general...
  3. jes

    Facebook suspends controversial user detail sharing

    Facebook suspends controversial user detail sharing Controversy follows as Facebook makes user details accessible to developers
  4. S

    How does Windows Server CALs affect Remote Desktop and Shared Folders?

    What are Windows Server CALs actually used for? If I have a Windows Network (no domain or AD, just a Workgroup) of 40 users, how do the CALs come into play? If I have a CAL for 5 users, what does it actually mean? What is restricted to 5 users? Does it mean a maximum of 5 concurrent RDP...
  5. hawker

    Tuks Linux User Group

    Hey guys There is a Tuks Linux users group meeting tonight at 7pm. Venue: IT Building 2-24 (second floor - lecture hall 24.):D Tuks obviously being - UP (University of Pretoria). Its entrance is on the corner of Roper and Lynwood streets. So for those of you that are keen to attend you...
  6. I

    Bandwidth Capping (eg 50MB per month per user) on a home wifi network

    I'm wondering how to do the above-mentioned without getting the Skyrove/DD-WRT firmware and a compatible modem, so I would just be using another PC (or mine) as a server. I really have no idea and no one else (that i've seen on the net at least) does either! Any ideas?
  7. S

    Windows 7 - move user folder

  8. M

    Newshost's Birthday - 11 May 2009

    Hey guys On Monday, 11 May 2009, Newshost will be one year old and to celebrate this occasion, we will be making approximately 300 - 500 new user registrations available on this day. Availability will commence around 10:00 and run until about 22:00. I'm sure many of you are excited to hear...