1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Visa and Amazon reach agreement over payment fees

    Visa and Amazon reach agreement over payment fees Inc. told customers that it has reached an agreement with Visa Inc. over the fees it pays to accept the payments giant’s cards on its website. The retailer said it will no longer charge customers who use Visa cards on its site in...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Reserve Bank wants to unveil South Africa-only bank card to take on Visa and Mastercard

    Reserve Bank wants to unveil South Africa-only bank card to take on Visa and Mastercard The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) published a consultation paper on Wednesday 3 March asking for comments on its plan to launch a new domestic card and payment scheme. The SARB said this plan would form...
  3. A

    Question for seasoned travellers

    Hello A newbie in this forum and in travelling. So my best friend and I have been planning on travelling overseas next year, either to the UK or Italy. We currently work part-time and we've been saving, also both our parents have agreed to give us whichever amount we're short of for the trip...
  4. I

    Traveling on a budget.

    Hello. So I'm in my 20s and I feel like this is the perfect chance for me to get myself out there and explore the world a bit and have some cool stories for when I become an uncle one day(probably.) Anyway, I'm not really what you'd call a rich guy but I'm curious if it's possible to travel on...
  5. RedViking

    No Swipe below R20. Cash Only.

    Are shops allowed to prevent your from using an Absa/FNB/Standard Bank card machine when paying for an item that is below R20? Some limit it to R50, others make it R100. Shops are welcome to make their own rules, I just wonder if they are allowed to do it. Does the agreement they have with...
  6. D

    Questions about travelling overseas.

    Hi For a while I've been thinking about taking a trip overseas at a European county (a life long dream because you only live once, right?). But my biggest concern after doing some research is getting my visa application denied. I've started saving up some money for the trip. My questions are...
  7. tridev

    Travelling to non Schengen EU countries using a Schengen visa

    I got a 90 day multi entry schengen visa (SA passport) valid for a year. I want to visit Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia. Has anyone entered those countries using a Schengen visa as they are not Schengen states? Different websites give different information so I just want to confirm...
  8. T

    Australia Tourist/Visitor Visa

    Hi All, I need to apply for a tourist visa to Australia to travel over this festive season or maybe in Jan. What visa centers/agencies out there can you suggest that are reliable and cheap? I am looking at Visas to Australia
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    How to stop BGP hijacking

    How to stop BGP hijacking Network traffic meant for Visa, Mastercard, Symantec, Verisign, and Internet Solutions was recently hijacked by state-owned Russian operator Rostelecom.
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    US asking for your social media details for visa applications

    US asking for your social media details for visa applications The United States now asks for your social media accounts during visa applications. In the Social Media section of the visa application form, users must detail the platforms they use and their unique handles.
  11. T

    Guatrain & Tap and Go

    Hi there, I see Gautrain has started installing new card Readers in the buses that have the Contactless logo with support for Visa,Mastercard and American Express. Has anyone tried it or have any update for if it will be rolled out at stations as well? This will be amazing as you won't need...
  12. F

    Backpacking in Europe - Visa Advice

    I have sort of made a spur of the moment decision to go backpacking in europe from the end of May/ beginning of June and need some advice in terms of the visa. I plan to go for about a month and don't want to tie myself down on any specific itinerary but for the Schengen visa application they...
  13. DrJohnZoidberg

    Visa Agencies. Can you recommend one?

    I need a Schengen visa for Poland but the only place I can do this is in Pretoria (sucks because I was just there two weeks ago). Anyone know if it's possible for a visa agency to do all the work without having to be there in person? If so do you know of any reputable agencies that could...
  14. T

    Visa Paywave or Mastercard Tap and Go POS

    Hi, I am not sure if there is someone who will be able to answer this. I am sure by now you have all been to a shop that supports the tap and go payment method or contactless payments. I personally come into contact with plenty of these stores but what they all lack is their staff having...
  15. R

    Renewing Relative/Life Partner/Spousal Permit?

    Anyone successfully renewed their temporary residence visa since May 2014? In particular I'm asking about people who have renewed their relative permit (e.g. spousal, life partner, whatever you have) Mine runs out in 24 days... it really snuck up on me. But I'm always in and out of the...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Visa payment ring introduced

    Visa payment ring introduced Visa has revealed an NFC-enabled payment ring for Team Visa athletes to use at the 2016 Olympic Games.
  17. craiglotter

    US Visa Interview at the Consulate - what documents should I bring with?

    I heading off to the US on business in July, and as such need a US B1/B2 visa. I've done the online application, handed over my money, and have an interview at the consulate scheduled for Monday. My question is, apart from the requested photo and printout of the interview confirmation page, is...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Beware of online United States visa scams

    Beware of online United States visa scams South Africans heading to the United States and wanting to apply for a visa exemption must watch out for “shady operators” online.
  19. F

    USA B1/B2 visa requirements - Advice please

    Hi All, I have applied for a B1/B2 visitors visa with my girlfriend. The main reason why we are planning on visiting the USA next year on holiday is that i have been offered a short term transfer to one of our offices in Canada. My Canadian work visa has been approved so that is happening. As...
  20. S

    Illegal to Do Side Work on Visa?

    I would like to get some of your opinions and knowledge regarding my situation here in SA. I am a citizen of Swaziland, and am here in SA for volunteer work, for which I have a 2-year visa (currently waiting for renewal for a 3-year extension). The organization I'm affiliated with is covering...