1. ethan

    Azure VPN can't connect

    Hi, I recently spun up a VM for me via Microsoft Azure portal. I am using the VM as a primary workstation because of resource limitations on our office thin client PC's. The VPN fails to connect using PPTP (via Azure VM). My home office PC connects to the office VPN via PPTP without hassles...
  2. No Chill

    Opening ports for softether?

    After tons of pure pain I managed to get a Softether server up and running, but now I can't seem to get this onto the internet. Port checker shows that the ports are closed, and I have no idea what ports to enter on my router. I've messed around for a long time and ports still show up as closed...
  3. D

    Cheap Laptop for Netflix (Streaming in general)

    Hi, I am looking for a good cheap Laptop where I can install a VPN and be on my with streaming. Nothing fancy - just to stream. Any suggestions? thanks for the help in advance.
  4. Bresder

    Has anyone used a VPN in South Africa?

    I'm looking for a VPN to use or not sure if I should use one. Does it matter which device I use?
  5. joshtech7

    Has anyone used "Pocket deal"?

    I've discovered the site (http://pocketdeal.co.za) and was curious to know whether anyone had come across it before... If you have, i just have a few questions... is it true you can watch movies and series for free? and can the Pocket Deal Android Box be configured to watch DSTV & Supersport...
  6. K

    Anybody using VPN provider Surfshark?

    I'm currently looking for a vpn to commit long-term, as my last subscription just ended. Saw this particular provider mentioned in a lot of websites as this year's best newcomer. The price seems really good. Maybe somebody is using it and could comment on speed, connection? Does it work with...
  7. T

    L2TP VPN being blocked

    HI there, I have always had Vodacom Fibre but recently changed to a different plan which vodacom then also installed a new Black Nokia router. Since then, I cannot connect to VPN on my Mac using L2TP. Windows devices are connecting fine. I am waiting for nearly 2 weeks for vodacom support so is...
  8. A

    VPN that gives the best ping

    Hi guys I am just wondering if someone will know of a VPN service that can provide me with quick ping response, the reason for this is that I am trying to play a game with my brother. He lives in the UK and I have to have my location near him for us to be able to play the game together, sounds...
  9. A

    Decent streaming service to watch sports. (Paid / Free)

    Hi guys I am looking for a streaming service to use to stream sports from. I am primarily looking to watch the football, Premier League and Champions League are the main ones. Does anyone know any good websites or apps that I can use to watch the games? I have a VPN so I can use that to change...
  10. P

    Netflix US Options

    Hey guys, I was curious as to how many of you have access to US Netflix and how you are accessing it? I know Netflix are blocking a lot of VPN's so am curious as to what you guys to do have constant access to US shows. VPN? DNS? Do you have a raspberry Pi setup? Mobile Solution? Thanks!
  11. awvince


    Hi Guys/Gals, How many of you are using ShowBox? What VPN are you using? What media/android/box are using? Does yours cutout after every hour or so? Thanks
  12. I

    What IPTV service is best?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a premium IPTV service. I'm getting uncapped 100mbps fibre connection and want to cut the cord from DStv. I have 2 questions: What IPTV services do you recommend? Do I need a VPN? Thanks for any help you guys can give
  13. T

    VPN On Mac

    Hi Guys, I would like to setup my office VPN on Macbook Pro. Does anyone know what the remote and Local ID in the image is relating to?
  14. J

    Which Protocol Serves What Purpose?

    Hi, I have PureVPN IKEv2 protocol setup on my iPhone and Windows PC. It has several other protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, and SSTP. I was wondering which protocols serves what purpose and what's the best one in terms of security, streaming, file sharing, etc. :confused:
  15. N

    Streaming using VPN on my Roku

    Hi everyone, I have a 2 Mbps Telkom ADSL line and have requested an upgrade to 4 Mbps ADSL or VDSL from Telkom. Apparently that's all I can get in my area right now. I placed an order 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened yet. I'm currently with Vox but can't get a decent wireless...
  16. J

    Setting up an office VPN through a Vox business fibre router

    Hi all I realise this must be a common and fairly standard task, but I'm struggling to understand what I need to do, probably because I don't really understand all the terminology correctly... For some background, I'm a dev, not a network admin, but we're a really small company so the...
  17. RedViking

    PureVPN Logs Helped FBI

    I am not sure if this has been posted yet: https://torrentfreak.com/purevpn-logs-helped-fbi-net-alleged-cyberstalker-171009/ Im glad they caught the guy! He deserves it. Then there is this: "Don't use VPN services. - https://gist.github.com/joepie91/5a9909939e6ce7d09e29" So my questions are...
  18. Newsfeed

    65% of US tech workers use a VPN

    65% of US tech workers use a VPN A cybersecurity survey has found that 65% of US tech sector workers use a VPN on either their work devices, personal devices, or both.
  19. A

    VPN client help needed - Asus RT-N18U

    Hi everyone Hope someone will be able to help me with this situation. I live in a complex where all the internet access is contracted out to a single company - each unit has a VOIP phone, with an ethernet port at the back, and you plug that into your router and setup your PPPoE login...
  20. K

    Your freedom Vpn fastest settings

    Im using Yourfreedom Vpn and im using it for data. only thing is its abit slow i had the fastest speeds with telkom so far is there a way to access a server to get faster speeds and which network i should use for the vpn to work fast im using a mobileplus subscription