1. D

    Cheap Laptop for Netflix (Streaming in general)

    Hi, I am looking for a good cheap Laptop where I can install a VPN and be on my with streaming. Nothing fancy - just to stream. Any suggestions? thanks for the help in advance.
  2. Bresder

    Has anyone used a VPN in South Africa?

    I'm looking for a VPN to use or not sure if I should use one. Does it matter which device I use?
  3. joshtech7

    Has anyone used "Pocket deal"?

    I've discovered the site (http://pocketdeal.co.za) and was curious to know whether anyone had come across it before... If you have, i just have a few questions... is it true you can watch movies and series for free? and can the Pocket Deal Android Box be configured to watch DSTV & Supersport...
  4. K

    Anybody using VPN provider Surfshark?

    I'm currently looking for a vpn to commit long-term, as my last subscription just ended. Saw this particular provider mentioned in a lot of websites as this year's best newcomer. The price seems really good. Maybe somebody is using it and could comment on speed, connection? Does it work with...
  5. T

    L2TP VPN being blocked

    HI there, I have always had Vodacom Fibre but recently changed to a different plan which vodacom then also installed a new Black Nokia router. Since then, I cannot connect to VPN on my Mac using L2TP. Windows devices are connecting fine. I am waiting for nearly 2 weeks for vodacom support so is...
  6. A

    VPN that gives the best ping

    Hi guys I am just wondering if someone will know of a VPN service that can provide me with quick ping response, the reason for this is that I am trying to play a game with my brother. He lives in the UK and I have to have my location near him for us to be able to play the game together, sounds...
  7. A

    Decent streaming service to watch sports. (Paid / Free)

    Hi guys I am looking for a streaming service to use to stream sports from. I am primarily looking to watch the football, Premier League and Champions League are the main ones. Does anyone know any good websites or apps that I can use to watch the games? I have a VPN so I can use that to change...
  8. P

    Netflix US Options

    Hey guys, I was curious as to how many of you have access to US Netflix and how you are accessing it? I know Netflix are blocking a lot of VPN's so am curious as to what you guys to do have constant access to US shows. VPN? DNS? Do you have a raspberry Pi setup? Mobile Solution? Thanks!
  9. awvince


    Hi Guys/Gals, How many of you are using ShowBox? What VPN are you using? What media/android/box are using? Does yours cutout after every hour or so? Thanks
  10. I

    What IPTV service is best?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a premium IPTV service. I'm getting uncapped 100mbps fibre connection and want to cut the cord from DStv. I have 2 questions: What IPTV services do you recommend? Do I need a VPN? Thanks for any help you guys can give
  11. T

    VPN On Mac

    Hi Guys, I would like to setup my office VPN on Macbook Pro. Does anyone know what the remote and Local ID in the image is relating to?
  12. J

    Which Protocol Serves What Purpose?

    Hi, I have PureVPN IKEv2 protocol setup on my iPhone and Windows PC. It has several other protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, OpenVPN, and SSTP. I was wondering which protocols serves what purpose and what's the best one in terms of security, streaming, file sharing, etc. :confused:
  13. N

    Streaming using VPN on my Roku

    Hi everyone, I have a 2 Mbps Telkom ADSL line and have requested an upgrade to 4 Mbps ADSL or VDSL from Telkom. Apparently that's all I can get in my area right now. I placed an order 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened yet. I'm currently with Vox but can't get a decent wireless...
  14. J

    Setting up an office VPN through a Vox business fibre router

    Hi all I realise this must be a common and fairly standard task, but I'm struggling to understand what I need to do, probably because I don't really understand all the terminology correctly... For some background, I'm a dev, not a network admin, but we're a really small company so the...
  15. RedViking

    PureVPN Logs Helped FBI

    I am not sure if this has been posted yet: https://torrentfreak.com/purevpn-logs-helped-fbi-net-alleged-cyberstalker-171009/ Im glad they caught the guy! He deserves it. Then there is this: "Don't use VPN services. - https://gist.github.com/joepie91/5a9909939e6ce7d09e29" So my questions are...
  16. Newsfeed

    65% of US tech workers use a VPN

    65% of US tech workers use a VPN A cybersecurity survey has found that 65% of US tech sector workers use a VPN on either their work devices, personal devices, or both.
  17. A

    VPN client help needed - Asus RT-N18U

    Hi everyone Hope someone will be able to help me with this situation. I live in a complex where all the internet access is contracted out to a single company - each unit has a VOIP phone, with an ethernet port at the back, and you plug that into your router and setup your PPPoE login...
  18. K

    Your freedom Vpn fastest settings

    Im using Yourfreedom Vpn and im using it for data. only thing is its abit slow i had the fastest speeds with telkom so far is there a way to access a server to get faster speeds and which network i should use for the vpn to work fast im using a mobileplus subscription
  19. Newsfeed

    How to set up a VPN on your smartphone

    How to set up a VPN on your smartphone If you do a lot of browsing on your smartphone and want to remain as secure as possible, setting up a VPN is essential.
  20. G

    Huawei B315s-22 VPN Setup?

    Good day I have a Huawei B315s-22 like this one here. Is it possible to connect to a VPN connection such as OpenVPN or Getflix? Thanks in advance!