1. LazyLion

    Ekurhuleni Water Not Contaminated

    Ekurhuleni water was not contaminated as an electronic message to residents suggested, the municipality said on Tuesday. "[We] wish to express concern about the unfounded accusations sent via electronic messaging to Ekurhuleni residents, claiming the existence of a bad bacterial virus in...
  2. LazyLion

    Alarm over plan to pump acid mine drainage into the Vaal

    http://mg.co.za/article/2012-10-14-alarm-over-plan-to-pump-acid-mine-drainage-into-the-vaal There goes our nice water quality! :( OK, so it IS "partially treated", but do you still trust these morons to do it right?
  3. G

    Mars Has "Oceans" of Water Inside?

  4. S

    97 VW Citi Golf, popping like a water balloon

    Ok, so, I have a 97 VW Citi Golf 1.3l mean machine, what happened about 8 months ago was the pipe that feeds water through the heater control burst and it pissed all its water out on the freeway, in the pouring rain, normally one would just stop, top up the water and get to a garage to fix it...

    KZN town's water poisoned with cyanide

    http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/KZN-water-poisoned-with-cyanide-20120217 Thirsty much?
  6. M

    HzO protects your device from water on a molecular level

  7. S

    Water Damage Indicators/Stickers on Cell Phones

    I've read that most cellphones nowadays come with several "water damage indicators" inside the phone. These are usually white stickers that are placed inside the phone in several different places and on the battery. In the event that water comes into contact with these stickers, they turn from...
  8. LazyLion

    How Many Waters Are There on Earth!

  9. C

    Removing chlorine taste in tapwater for better drinking experience.

    For the past couple of months the amount of chlorine in our tapwater has noticeably increased. Whenever I fill a container of sorts from the faucet the chlorine smell is overwhelming. I've always liked the taste of our tapwater, but now the taste and smell of the chlorine in the water makes...
  10. antowan

    River and dam flood data

    Here are some links for the interested. http://www.dwa.gov.za/ http://www4.dwaf.gov.za/vaal_all_group/ http://www.dwa.gov.za/Hydrology/
  11. M

    NASA Moon Crash Found 'Significant Amount' of Water

  12. M

    Europa's Ocean Has Oxygen, May Support Life

  13. LazyLion

    Water Found on the Moon!

    http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/090923-moon-water-discovery.html More at the link....
  14. M

    Life was in the oceans 200m years before oxygen made air fit to breathe

  15. M

    Evidence Of Liquid Water In Comets Reveals Possible Origin Of Life

  16. M

    Life on Saturn?

  17. D

    Flash Drive had a Bath

    I mistakely forgot to take out my 4gig flash drive from my pocket before putting it in the Washing. It got a nice wash:D Is it safe to use it? will it damage my PC?:confused:
  18. M

    Clues To A Secret Of Life Found In Meteorite Dust

  19. kilos

    Knysna River has stopped flowing

    Now with the Knysna Oyster Festival just around the corner in July how are they going to cope with an influx of visitors, their has been a strain on the technical infrastructure and now we are seeing the signs of just developing and now they is a serious wakeup call, seems like the Technical...