1. M

    Russian Navy Reveals Its Secret UFO Encounters

  2. M

    Life on Saturn?

  3. D

    Flash Drive had a Bath

    I mistakely forgot to take out my 4gig flash drive from my pocket before putting it in the Washing. It got a nice wash:D Is it safe to use it? will it damage my PC?:confused:
  4. kilos

    Knysna River has stopped flowing

    Now with the Knysna Oyster Festival just around the corner in July how are they going to cope with an influx of visitors, their has been a strain on the technical infrastructure and now we are seeing the signs of just developing and now they is a serious wakeup call, seems like the Technical...
  5. PhreakBoy

    Motivational Poster

    Can anyone please tell me what animal this is? It's been bugging us around the office
  6. M

    The £800 gadget which makes water straight out of thin air

    [/url] Interesting...
  7. M

    Frozen water reserves on Mars

  8. M

    Mars Lander Finds Evidence of Past Water, Spots Snow

    Full article
  9. Lycanthrope

    Why Tap Water Is Better

    Source: iAfrica What do you guys rate? I fridge & filter, personally, and can't stand the taste of tap water. At least not the tap water here. It smells like pool water (chlorine) and tastes equally vile. I'd pick bottled water any day - as long as it tastes like water :p
  10. M

    Independent water and light meter readers

    I was wondering if there is any company or people who do independent water and light meter readings in South Africa? I've tried to Google it and can't come up with anything. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
  11. M

    Water found on Mars!

    Courtesy of the NASA website
  12. M

    Man dies of water overdose

  13. H

    Run your car on water

    Whilst googling, I came across this: http://www.runyourcarwithwater.com/?hop=watertt Can this really work?
  14. M

    Water overdose leaves man close to death

    More... Thought I would post this cos I saw a post in which forumites were boasting that they drink 4 litres of water a day.