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  1. M

    vb.net training in Gauteng (instructor led/full-time)

    Hi there. I am a developer (informix 4GL/SQL mostly) for over a decade. I also do a bit of VB6 dev/debugging from time to time. An opportunity has presented itself to be sent for VB.net training. Any suggestions as to suitable venues in Gauteng (JHB/PTA)? 1. what would look good on a CV...
  2. S

    Career Advise

    Hi guys, I am pesently a CMS Web Developer & looking at a career change. I would ideally like to work for a company like Vodacom, MTN, Major bank, any company where there are opportunities for growth. I have the following: Qualifications 1. Certificate in Project Management 2...
  3. W

    Please help with feedback on my Portfolio website

    Hey there guys! Would you care to give me feedback on my Web Design portfolio website? Any feedback will be much appreciated! www.peppermintdesign.co.za
  4. R

    change SA - Social Charity Movement

    Hi all, I am rather new to mybraodband, but I have always enjoyed your threads, so i thought this might be a good place to start to get some feedback about a side project I have just launched, change SA. It can be found at www.changeSA.co.za . I would like to get your thoughts and...
  5. CodeMaster

    Looking for a web developer.

    Hey guys, I am trying to hep my sister-in-law out. She is looking for a web developer to help design a dynamic e-commerce website for selling electronic goods, I believe some new and some second-hand. It need to be designed so that the content management can be easily done by someone with...
  6. B

    Gridhost web hosting

    Guys I just wanna say how impressed i am with Gridhost, they have excellent service, their prices are so good, just checked now and the package i have with them at other places retails for well over R250 and i'm paying under R70. Thanks gridhost for making my experience so great and keep...
  7. I


    Hi there, We are InCreative a Web Development and Design business based in Johannesburg. We are ecstatic to be part of this community as it is the - online discussions & collaborative sharing of ideas, that truly extends our thinking as human-kind. (Just think about many times you found the...
  8. M

    Why Developers Suck

    Originally posted on Semicolon Hey guys, latest article. Comments welcome. Read more of my blog Why your developer sucks-- Talifhani Luvhengo 1. He/She has a ‘God’ Complex Web Development by its very nature is a creative field. It’s a field were the developer invests themselves...
  9. G

    Geriatrixs studip questions thread

    This thread is for my clueless questions. I'm learning webdev on my own and don't have any friends doing web development so I'm going to rely on you guys. Yes I know Google exists for all kinds of questions but I found that asking actual people results in clearer answers with better followup...
  10. B

    What to do with the braai.co.za domain?

    I recently registered the braai.co.za domain and need some ideas on what to do with it. Should I use it purely as a blog or should I look at making it an interactive site with forums and discussions etc. I does have quite a high google ranking for the word braai. What CMS should I use...
  11. O

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    If anyone has any questions or concerns about SEO I would like to help you out. Either ask a question here or send me a PM. For those that have no idea what SEO is then read on... SEO is basically getting your website to the 1st page of Google (and other search engines) for a keyword or...
  12. P

    SuperSport Job

    Hey Guys, while browsing supersport i came across this "web developer needed" ad. So I took a look. Do they really think they can seriously find one person with all those skills? Some of the skills they are looking for are: Did they just google and pull all the names they could find...
  13. R

    Why Web Developers Don't Need a Mac

    I found this article interesting - about time Windows applications were touted instead of the ever-present Mac... Why Web Developers Don't Need a Mac
  14. R

    Pop Quiz: What PHP IDE do you use?

    I'm currently using Aptana Studio (with PHP add-in) on WinXP. I've used Quanta+ in the past too, as well as a host of others. Which have you settled on?
  15. W

    Open Source or M$ ?

    As freshly squeezed grad student (who realises how little he knows btw :p) I would value the opinion of some of the more seasoned developers out there: What advice would you give to a grad student who is just about to start working as a software developer; given the choice of going either the...
  16. T

    Web Developement Course

    Hi, I'm thinking about doing the 1 year Web Developement course at CTU. Is there anyone on the forums who have done a course at CTU? I can't find much out about them except for their website. I think this is the right place to post.. :p