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    Web/Mobile Developer - Cape Town (Permanent)

    60 Degrees is currently working with an exciting, UK-backed, Tech client with offices in sunny Cape Town. If you are a developer who likes trendy offices and free breakfasts, then this could be for you. You will also need to be handy with Javascript and know your way around web and mobile...
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    Best Web Application Structure c# backend

    Hi all, I just want to start by giving a little info about what I am used to - C# Web API (there is no entity framework), with a CRUD proc for every table, combined with AngularJS frontend (since this is what I use for my work). I need to build a web app on the side, so I was just...
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    Javascript makes my brain hurt...

    Hi guys, I am busy with an MVC project and my JS knowledge is clearly lacking. What I am trying to do is to populate a Dropzone.js control with files that have already been uploaded to the server as per https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/wiki/FAQ the JS initialization code is as follows...
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    PHP - Unable to generate images from a text file

    Hello everyone. I am new to PHP and i came across this really strange problem which i tried everything in my power to fix it but could not. So basically i have this text file("content.txt") and the PHP script is supposed to generate a html page (i.e. images, text,headings...etc) from the...
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    Free Website Design and Development

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    PHP Developer Wanted

    We are a dynamic team looking for a PHP developer with a minimum of 3-years experience. Abilities in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax are a must. The ability to make Joomla, WordPress or Drupal do flick-flacks would result in immediate employment. Any SEO skills will get you bonus...
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    Front-end Developer @ MADE

    MADE is the home of new-age digital development, social media and marketing solutions. We cater to a range of premium local and international companies and brand houses. We’re currently looking for a [mostly] front-end developer to join the production team and work with us in building unique...
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    Web hosting business

    I need some advice.I am starting in the web development business.I am also going the web hosting reseller route so that i can sell all in one package to clients.My question is should i also market hosting on the side.With so many web hosting companies is it worthit?I guess my only thing to offer...
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    Graphic Designer wants to study Web development - Tips?

    Hello! (first time posting to My broadband, btw.) I have my degree in graphic design and I want to begin part-time studies in Web Development next year. (I have adequate of HTML and CSS.) If possible, I'd like to get some kind of qualification out of the course involved. Any suggestions?
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    Webontwikkelaar - Centurion

    Die pos is gebaseer in Kloofsig, Centurion by Maroela Media. Om te kwalifiseer benodig jy ʼn toepaslike nagraadse kwalifikasie en formele opleiding in webontwerp en/of programmering. Die volgende sal tot jou voordeel strek: ervaring in die ontwerp en uitleg vir WordPress-temaontwikkeling die...
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    Asp.net question

    Hi Guys Hoping someone can assist me.:D I have done very little programming a loong time back but what I need to do isn't hopefully too complicated. I am currently designing a simple web page that will allow a user to log in, enter data into two columns and submit data to a database...
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    Payment gateways

    who are the decent payment gateway providers in south africa? our small business develops websites as part of its offering and we require a way to be able to include online payments into sites for a number of different clients. how do we go about this? thanks :)
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    Fantastic growth opportunity: Junior to Mid-level Product Owner (Cape Town CBD)

    UPDATE: This position has been filled for now. Company: Mr Delivery Location: Foreshore, Cape Town (Head Office) Salary Range: R28k - R32k CTC Company Profile In 2011, Mr Delivery (under the leadership of new owners) repositioned as a logistics solutions provider and expanded its existing...
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    Wanted: Talented Web Developers (Cape Town CBD)

    Company: Mr Delivery Location: Foreshore, Cape Town (Head Office) Salary Range: negotiable based on experience Company Profile In 2011, Mr Delivery (under the leadership of new owners) repositioned as a logistics solutions provider and expanded its existing food delivery network to...
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    NEED HELP finding suppliers with Web APIs

    Hi everybody I am busy setting up an online store, coded in C# ASP.Net MVC 4, and I have run into an issue. I need to populate my SQL Server database with a list of products, and I want to do this properly, including product name, description, supplier stock levels, etc. I have no idea how to...
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    Ruby on Rails

    We are a new company looking for a good Ruby on Rails developer to begin developing the site. It seems that there is a real shortage of R.O.R developers in SA, so does anyone know if any good Ruby on Rails developers/Development companies? Thanks
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    Advice on setting up call centre and website for business

    Hi Everyone I am an owner of a small business who like to expand my horizon to tap on bigger market and I am thinking of creating a website for the business together with call centre,I have never worked in either call centre or web development business,I don't want to outsource the call centre...
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    Any opinions/advice for new ecommerce technology website?

    Hi all Ive created an ecommerce website that is almost finished. Has anyone got any opinions/advice for the website? I know I still need to redo/add graphics and add the rest of the products. Anything would be appreciated. Here it is www.taketech.co.za Thanks
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    [Site] OCDb

    I have taken upon a task of creating a simplistic site to host and manage an Online Clan Database. Unfortunately, after a year of hard coding, I have come to the realisation that it will take more than one person to fully complete the task, as well as implement all my ideas in a timely manner...
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    SEO Tools

    Hey guys, Can anyone tell me where I can get more backlinks to my website? My meta tags are fine for SEO but I need some high quality backlinks. Also, I am kind of a noob when it comes to SEO, so what else is essential when doing SEO? I know about meta tags and backlinks.. But what else...