1. M

    25-Year-Old Man Dies While Playing Wii Fit

  2. M

    Pair accused of assault over Wii Christmas gift

  3. R

    WiiHD DVD player, Twilight & Homebrew

    My 2 RCA cable pins were broken off into my AV2 input on my TV, so only AV1 input left, but i have a Wii and a DVD player and with the cables being neat behind the TV its a mission to swop around the whole time So anyone had any luck with getting to watch DVD's on their Wii yet? I came...
  4. D

    Need a specific LG drive for backups

    Wii Game Backups, LG Drive Needed I'm in need of either a LG-8164b/3b/2b/1b, as I want to make backups of my Wii games. Preferably a person/stockist in the Jo'burg area.
  5. Iwojima

    Importing Console Games (beat the price increase)

    Many foreign sites are offering prices on console games that are much cheaper than what has been projected that SA gamers will be paying in 2009 (even with shipping charges factored in). This thread serves as a guide for those wanting to avoid the recent increase and import games instead...
  6. rpm

    Wii Ethernet adaptor comes to SA

    Wii Ethernet adaptor comes to SA
  7. rpm

    Console Wars: Price round up

    Console Wars: Price round up
  8. G

    [S] Wii+Wii fit+ classic control +3 games

    Sorry not surer if this in the right place, but I'm selling as Wii with Wii fit, super smash bros brawl, mario kart and wheel, and zelda, also have a classic control aswell, all for R3500. I live in capetown and would preffer not to have to ship/courier/post it anywhere if anyone is...
  9. rpm

    Wii gets force-feedback

    Wii gets force-feedback
  10. rpm

    US firm files patent claim against Nintendo Wii

    US firm files patent claim against Nintendo Wii
  11. rpm

    Wireless keyboard for Wii

    Wireless keyboard for Wii
  12. rpm

    Console wars

    Console wars
  13. rpm

    Mario Kart Wii

    Mario Kart Wii available in SA from May 2008. Mario Kart Wii
  14. squirrel

    Getting Wii on the internet

    So I've decided I desperately need to get on the internet and play some games, but fortunately for great internet on this side of the world, there are complications. I run my internet in Bridge mode so I can create pppoe connections (one international, one local using RouteSentry). I connect...
  15. Nod

    Nintendo Wii outsells 360, PS3, PS2, PSP combined in April

    From ArsTechnica:
  16. Dolby

    Wii Fit

    Anyone got this? How is it? Are all the games I see on the single CD you get?
  17. rpm

    Wii Fit - it’s a good workout

    Wii Fit - it’s a good workout
  18. CathJ

    Wii Fit

    I see the Wii Fit is launching soon - does anyone have any idea of the price? (Take2 has it for just over R1000, but that's an import). I'm thinking of getting one, but don't know if I can justify the cost... if I actually use it for exercise, it's fine, but I suspect that after a couple of...