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  1. L

    Graphics: Software Rendering Overheats CPU, Causes Shutdown

    Hi I have an old Acer eMachines E625 with AMD/ATi R690M Radeon Express 1200 graphics chip and an AMD Athlon TF-20 800 MHz CPU. I am on Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon 32x. Due to software rendering, the CPU is very busy and my laptop shuts down frequently due to overheating. As I am hardly ever...
  2. M

    Laptop cannot boot

    Good evening Need advice on two issues 1) My 4 years laptop suddenly cannot boot,when I went to bed last nite i tried updating it but it was slow,according to windows update 8% of 853 MBs I then pressed power button so it can shutdown in the morning,I switched it on ad it said loading...
  3. jes

    Microsoft satisfaction rating nears historical low

    Microsoft satisfaction rating nears historical low Challenging market conditions and unhappy Windows 8 customers sees Microsoft's consumer satisfaction rating slide into Vista territory
  4. jes

    Windows 8 launch pricing for South Africa emerges

    Windows 8 launch pricing for South Africa emerges Incredible Connection has revealed its launch pricing for Windows 8
  5. NomNom

    The Epic Mission To Upgrade From XP To 7

    Ok so I have been reading into this for some time and apparently it should work. My mission is simply this: To upgrade a Windows XP Professional SP3 PC to Windows 7 Professional. Obviously the problem is simple; it can not be done directly. My plan is this: Upgrade from Windows XP Professional...
  6. R

    C#, Program Files and Win 7

    Hi Guys. I am busy writing a version update tool, (only doing the technical specifications now, so have not started coding yet). The concept is simple, if there is a major update, download the MSI from the download location (after selecting the closest/fastest server) and perform a...
  7. M

    Windows 7 [US] sales beat Vista by 234%

  8. P

    Win 7 on multicore not faster than XP Well if that 17% benefit can be significant - if 1. it's under all circumstances not just heavy use in >2 core CPUs and 2. CPU power draw is a significant power draw - then Win 7 is beneficial because...
  9. T

    Windows 7 called slower than Vista Experiences so far?
  10. LCBXX

    Searching for a string inside multiple files

    Is there a way to configure XP/Vista's search function so that it can search for a string/value/etc inside a specifies list of files? Any help will be appreciated.
  11. rpm

    Microsoft ends XP sales

    Microsoft ends XP sales
  12. medicnick83

    Don't slipstream XP sp3 on Windows Vista!

    I found this and wanted to share it with you guys! Link #1: Link #2: