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Discovery Vitality [2018]

Aug 8, 2018
I've been using PnP vouchers up to now but they seem to have been replaced with Woolworths vouchers at the moment. I'm saving my points hoping that the PnP ones come back... Either of these two stores you can get 25% of your voucher back again in cash, if you spend them on healthy food...
Aug 8, 2010
Before this system, I was very quick to spend my smoothie vouchers... All of a sudden I've become a hoarder, and now I'm hanging onto my points for dear life...
Yes it makes sense as smoothie vouchers expires in 2 week. You could have never hoarded them. I used to get Better value with those 3 smoothies a week VS 75 points now


Well-Known Member
Oct 14, 2008
I sent an enquirey to Discovery as to why I didn't get my bonus reward, they replied. To say according to their system I did receive my drive and health reward, but never answered my original question they need to read my email properly before answering, oh and they said if none of my rewards appear I mist uninstall the app