MTN Speed Test Results


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Oct 19, 2007

Have 3 bars of LTE signal on Huawei E392 modem, and I get only 2Mbps down. Thats lousy :(
Yeah I think in densely populated areas most of the spectrum is left for 3G so people get a decent speed on 3G at least. Could be wrong but LTE in most densely populated urban areas are usually like 20Mbps or so when dc-hsdpa is like 26Mbps easy
Dec 14, 2006
Hi Big Bear,
Can you send me settings for the Axxess LTE Mtn sim card for my android phone, dont get speeds like you do.
Appreciate any info.


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Mar 2, 2006
Hi guys,

This is what Im getting on my 6S+. I recently did a sim swap to an LTE sim, but all I get is 3G in Sunninghill and Fourways (Johannesburg). Am I missing something?

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Apr 20, 2016
Where did you get that speed?:love:
3 places that I did a Speedtest in KZN can get speeds constant between 60Mbps and 70Mbps.

I tried in Johannesburg but couldn't get above 50Mbps. Although the minimum I ever got was 30Mbps. Opposed to KZN where in a lot of places it doesn't go above 5Mbps :(


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Jun 22, 2006
I wonder what do the ISP's do.... they rollout LTE and LTE-A in different areas right.

Obviously if you have quite a few LTE users connecting to the same tower. Quite a few devices support LTE and LTE-A nowadays. (ranging from tablets to Laptops, Cellphones and obviously the Mifi devices and LTE Routers). Say 50-80 users connecting to one Tower (which is not a bad amount of users, a typical tower can probably do 300 to 400).

How do the ISP's calculate when to Upgrade the towers fibre or double up their capacity. Back in the day when you only had 3G and HSDPA it was a fairly easy task. Devices only consuming maybe a meg or 3, some might have pushed a 8mbit to 15mbit etc.

Now you have devices that when streaming 1080p video or even 4K video (or just plain burst speed uploads of WhatsApp pictures , videos and joke clips). LTE will have a much higher speed to contend with.

Wonder how and if they calculate that if their capacity reaches 70-80% (between 7pm and 6am, the time when everyone is normally home to download or surf or work on their stuff). Do they up it... or just wait until there's 300 complaints and the tower hits 90% for 95% of the time between 7pm and 6am)