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No contract LTE data only recommendation


New Member
Jan 25, 2017
Hi All,
My Cell C 365 days 200 Gb bundle has expired and I am looking for a new LTE bundle.
I am in Pretoria and was not 100% happy with the CELL C speed and support but it was
the cheapest around (1500 R for 200 GB ) what would be the current recommendation for
having a non-contract data only service?

* CELL C has the the 365 days valid prepaid option for 2000 R (200 GB)
* AFRIHOST seems to be getting a bad name reading the forum thread.

Any suggestions? I just need a stable line (so rather low latency as I constantly work on a remote desktop)
I will leave the country next year so a contract does not look like a good idea? Or is it easy to cancel out
the 24 month contracts?

We have a very unreliable and bad Telkom ADSL line which I could use for larger downloads, takes ages and is
very unreliable but it works so the LTE is for proper work and VOIP calls where latency is very important.


Staff member
Jul 22, 2003
Rain LTE-A is the best solution for month-to-month, depending on how much data you use. The smallest bundle is 55GB (110GB for the next year), and will cost you around R550 per month.

Telkom's LTE products are another option. Their new prices are very competitive: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/230023-telkom-launches-lte-double-data-promotion.html

Cell C is obviously another option, with their 200GB or smaller options: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cell...s-new-data-products-at-incredible-prices.html