OnePlus Nord


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Aug 23, 2013
Their product naming is terrible, due to the Nord N10 and N100, it makes it really difficult to just search for the OnePlus Nord.

Got the 5G (non-CE) version now, arriving by Friday, needed a replacement phone. Did not get the Nord CE 5G as the difference right now is 10 EUR.

1623850718941.png 1623850759875.png

Why pick the Nord CE?
- larger battery, 100h vs 115h endurance supposedly, take that as a % rather than a flat number as everyone's usage varies
- plastic back (in my opinion this is a plus, you put a case on it and don't have to worry about the back shattering)
- aux port
- year longer of software support still left
- very slightly faster CPU
- higher MP camera, but worse pixel size, so this is iffy, average is worse
- lighter, 170 vs 184g

Why pick the Nord still?
- Gorilla Glass 5 instead of 3, for both front and back
- Back camera has OIS, better depth camera, macro camera
- Front camera includes an ultra wide, I'd rather want an ultra wide than a normal one for front.
-- 4k60fps capable versus the 1080p only CE.
- faster GPU
- HDR10+ certified

Took me so long to get the Nord as wanted aux port, but the CE just disappointed with that lack of OIS, dead in the water for me. Night shots on the CE are also noticeably worse.
Guess I'll be carrying a usb c to aux cable around, welcome to the dongle life....


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Jun 4, 2005
Not a huge jump from the original Nord.
Which one? There so many Nord's...

Wonder how the Mediatek 1200 stacks up against the SM7225?

UFS 3.1 v 2.1 is handy.

65watt fast charging is handy too....

Will be interesting to see how the camera optics stack up. 32mp selfie cam is welcome.
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Aug 31, 2008
Wonder how the Mediatek 1200 stacks up against the SM7225?

UFS 3.1 v 2.1 is handy.

To add, the original Nord is no slouch, it’s smooth and quick in use.

That’s comparing against my (just gone) Xiaomi Mi10T 5G with SD865 and my old OP 7 Pro 5G with the SD855 that I still have and use on occasion.