Nico Liebenberg

New Member
Apr 28, 2017
Hi, I have been getting packet loss of up to 90% and over for the last 2 years.

I have tried numerous solutions to try fix this problem. I reboot the router around 50 times daily, because of the high packet loss spikes which lead to my router shutting down. I have currently have a 2MB/ps line and my internet provider is MWEB and line provider Telkom. I also have a D-Link router.

I have contacted MWEB concerning my packet loss and all they could tell me is that it was Telkom's fault. They cant fix my packetl loss. I have contacted Telkom numerous times on this website. . I have had numerous port-reset's this past few weeks (+-100) and nothing seemed to fix the problem. I also phoned Telkom and they said it was because I am far from the exchange, but I know people less than 2 blocks from me with the exact same internet that aren't experiencing this problem.

I thought it might have been a problem with the cable, so I bought a new one and the packet loss is a bit less, but still over 40%. We have also had numerous technicians over to come look at our hardware, and it was indeed repalced, but the problem still presists.

I was wondering if anyone could give me some solutions to try and if you know anything about this that I dont.
Thank you.