1. P

    Telkom LTE through Afrihost - Dysfunctional?

    Evening peeps... I'd love some input from you guys, and to see if anyone else has the same problems. So I signed up for 2 Telkom LTE packages with hardware through Afrihost a couple months back, I was moving and also with the inevitable ADSL wipe out I figured I might as well get things done...
  2. A

    Spyware from Openserve ONT virus was trying to infect PC from Openserve ONT. Check your PCs if you have Openserve fiber installed.
  3. M

    PC issues - help

    hey folks sorry if this is in the wrong section I wasnt sure where else to post it. Im hoping someone can advise me as im completely lost now to what could be causing all the issues i have been having this year.. First lets get started, im an amd person, always have been so please dont say...
  4. M

    Sage One Accounting Online Problems

    Good evening everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have had numerous troubles with the accounting program Sage One Accounting with is online and cloud based? In 2016 I worked for a company and would manual enter bank feeds from 3 years ago, save my work x 2, log out and switch off...
  5. Ryansr

    MyMondo and MTN laziness with contract cancellation

    Just wanted to post this thread warning everyone that wants to take out a contract phone with MTN through MyMondo. These guys phoned my wife and promised her the best phone contract (or so we thought at the time) on a Huawei P8 Lite 2017. After receiving the phone she had a problem getting the...
  6. Olddude

    Telkom Fibre / ISP - DNS problems

    I have and had problems with Fibre - Openserve + Telkom as ISP at both my houses (just moved last month and Telkom/Openserve installed Fibre) in Pretoria. Both houses are within 5km With both installations I get (got) continual messages "This site can’t be reached - www.XXXX.yyy Server DNS...
  7. N

    PACKET LOSS PROBLEM! -Please help.

    Hi, I have been getting packet loss of up to 90% and over for the last 2 years. I have tried numerous solutions to try fix this problem. I reboot the router around 50 times daily, because of the high packet loss spikes which lead to my router shutting down. I have currently have a 2MB/ps line...
  8. A

    Music CDs not reading

    Hi guys I have a bit of a problem with 3 music CDs in my collection. From what I can gather, they are CD-R albums (all South African indie bands). Whenever I put them in my computer to convert to mp3, either the CDs can't be ripped and I get error messages, or when I do get them to rip, they...
  9. G

    Buying and Registering Cars without a SA Drivers Licence

    So according to all the online stuff I've managed to find, you do not need a drivers licence to buy a car. You need one to drive it, but not buy one. Has this changed? My father-in-law is not from SA and recently bought a vehicle from one of the big car dealerships, the bank approved, his...
  10. X

    MTN Network problems (18 Aug)

    Hi, I'm struggling this morning. My MTN postpaid SIM will not register with the MTN network. Worked yesterday, not this morning... Is there an MTN network problem? I see a peak on down detector? But can't find any specific reports. I hope that this is an appropriate forum for this...
  11. O

    Level-7 Speed Issues?

    Anyone else having drops in connection speed with Level-7 lately? Last week I noticed the problem, did a few tests and realised I was only achieving around 2mbps on my 4mpbs connection. I reported the issue and it was sorted out pretty quickly, but now I seem to be having the same issue again...
  12. K

    Rental Deposit Refund Shenanigans

    Hi I have ended my contract with a landlord on the 30th of June 2016. The estate agent performed an inspection without requesting my presence. Days went past and no problems with the property were made known to me. This was logical to me as I had not damaged the property in any way...
  13. P

    domaincheap issues

    Hi Any idea on how to get a faster response from domaincheap / (webafrica support) . I loaded some credit online on the 20th oct 2015 but its still not showing (23 oct 2015) after 3 working days n domains starting to expire ......:mad::mad: i see others also having issues...
  14. S

    Web Africa SMTP servers blacklisted

    Is anybody else having problems with Web Africa's SMTP servers being constantly on one blacklist or another? There is one particular blacklisting with which has now been open with the Web Africa support team for over 2 weeks. The problem remains unsolved!
  15. D

    Need help with my monitor

    Hi guys this is my first post. I'm having trouble with a samsung screen, a Sync Master P2770H. Can anyone help me with this problem. The touch screen buttons stop working and it also cant find signal, this isnt constant just at random times (its not the cable or my graphics card because i...
  16. T

    [UPDATED] Massive Land Claim in Pretoria

    Link : edit : Map of the claimed land : Updated : link from Rekord East ...
  17. T

    So I am using an 8ta Telkom stick and experiencing google chrome location problems

    What happens is, that I stay in Gauteng right. But when I put in the 8ta sim-card/"USB stick" into my computer the internet location goes to DURBAN, KZN, CAPE TOWN and even Centurion........of which latter is a place in Gauteng but not in the area where I stay. I stay near Pretoria, but not...
  18. NeonNinja

    22 More Devastating Middle Class Problems

    More: 1. "My house is so big, that I can't get WiFi in my bed room." 6. "My HD television is too big for my wall." 16. "My phone's on the sofa, so I can't browse the Internet while I poop." 19. "I'm hungry but...
  19. V

    VW Polo 1.9TDI (gearbox?) problems

    I drive a 2007 VW Polo 1.9TDI. Currently while driving, when I start to put my foot down (accelerator pedal halfway) the engine will rev as if it is in neutral. If I slack off slightly the revs drop back to normal and the car goes in gear again. Note: This is a manual gearbox, it shouldn't...
  20. Olddude

    Erasmusrand ADSL Problems

    My line has been running well at about 1,92Mbps for the past 4 years. Only problems have been the last 4 months while Telkom has been upgrading the cables. I made a mistake - I disconnected my router while I went away for 2 weeks at a time and on both occasions they must have tested the...