So I am using an 8ta Telkom stick and experiencing google chrome location problems


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Sep 8, 2014
What happens is, that I stay in Gauteng right.

But when I put in the 8ta sim-card/"USB stick" into my computer the internet location goes to DURBAN, KZN, CAPE TOWN and even Centurion........of which latter is a place in Gauteng but not in the area where I stay. I stay near Pretoria, but not in Pretoria.

And each time I change the location settings back to my home address, it just jumps back TO CAPE TOWN, DURBAN and Centurion - all of the places I do not stay at.

So does this mean that my computer is being hacked? or that the 8ta broadband, has just such a broad scope of connecting people EVEN when YOU ARE NOT AT THE SPECIFIED LOCATION being logged?! Is 8ta impersonal with its users' whereabouts by not discriminating or differentiating between its users and where they are individually seated across south africa?



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Aug 7, 2003
Don't worry about it. In layman's terms, Google is geolocating the IP address of your internet connection. But because you are using Telkom's smart nationwide cellular network, the actual point at which your 3g connection joins the internet could be in any of the major centres. You might physically sit near Pretoria, and of course you connect to your local tower. However, from the tower your bits and bytes travel inside the Telkom network and pop out into the internet where their automated management says it's most efficient, which could be in say Cape Town or Durban. That's all Google can see, so they think you're in one of those cities.