1. G

    Webafrica settings on Gigaset

    Hi. I have recently (today) gotten my VOIP service with Webafrica setup. I am trying to set up my account with my Gigaset AS690 VOIP phone. I have spent over an hour on the phone with their support for them to eventually say they can't assist me in setting up a VOIP phone unless its a Yealink...
  2. S

    Connect to Telkom Mobile using built-in modem on Windows 10?

    Hi I have a laptop with a built-in HSPA modem and SIM card slot. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (v. 1803). When the SIM card is inserted, Windows is able to detect the Telkom Mobile network in the network menu that opens from the system tray. It shows "TelkomSA (HSDPA)" and...
  3. C

    Email issues... COMODO RSA not trusted

    Morning all... We have suddenly developed an issue when sending email from a range of devices - iPhone, PC, macs... we get a series of 'not trusted' error messages when sending email only - mail is receiving as normal. Mail has been working fine for years, until 3 days ago. Hours chatting to...
  4. L

    Help required with ADSL modem

    Hi there I am in need of some help to get my Huawei DSL modem connected to my Telkom account. Huawei HG630b Home Gateway - The account and line works perfect on an older Netgear modem I have. I’m having issues with the Wifi on the Netgear modem, so want to get the Hauwei up...
  5. Bryn

    iTunes EQ settings?

    Have any iTunes users here found a really great EQ configuration they can share? I'm struggling to make my music in iTunes sound as good as some online streaming sites like SoundCloud, RockRadio, RadioTunes etc. I have to assume those sites have got really great EQ settings in effect. The EQ...
  6. A

    D-Link DSL-2750u ASDL Setup? MWeb

    I would like to know what the input settings are for the router running through MWeb. These are what I have available: Thanks.
  7. K

    Hidden Billion Router Settings

    Hi guys, I don't often post threads on myBB but I thought these had to be shared. Here is a list of hidden settings/menus for most Billion routers, some enable hidden features and others let you tweak SNR values and stuff like that. Not all of them work across all models / firmwares...
  8. J

    MTN Internet settings for Htc One (Please help!)

    Hi, I recently inserted a new simcard into my HTC One M7. However, my mobile data doesn't work displaying the error message "Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting". I used the USSD *123# to receive my phone settings, but I got a message saying "Sorry, your handset does not support...
  9. D

    No data connection on Android (MTN user)

    Hi everyone, I've got a problem. I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and i made a sim swap (I was using an iPhone 3Gs). The sim card has been cropped and I can make calls and receive. The problem is that I can't get the data connnection (I can't use my airtime or bundles to access the...
  10. T

    So I am using an 8ta Telkom stick and experiencing google chrome location problems

    What happens is, that I stay in Gauteng right. But when I put in the 8ta sim-card/"USB stick" into my computer the internet location goes to DURBAN, KZN, CAPE TOWN and even Centurion........of which latter is a place in Gauteng but not in the area where I stay. I stay near Pretoria, but not...
  11. LazyLion

    Mweb Proxy Server?

    Does Mweb still have a proxy server that I can put into my LAN settings under Internet Options. I want to try this and see if it will then allow my downloads for the Medemass Elixir Medical Software on a Client's system. The updates are being blocked and I can't figure out why. I've tried...
  12. T

    How to use Cell C 3G internet on PS3

    How to use Cell C 3G internet on your PS3 1. run a LAN cable from the back of your PC to your ps3 2. connect to cell c internet 3. go to settings on windows xp and look for 'network connections' 4. open this folder 5. make sure your LAN connection between your pc and ps3 is connected 6. you...
  13. LazyLion

    Windows Mobile 6 - How to set up e-mail?

    Can someone please walk me through the steps to set up e-mail on Windows Mobile 6. The phone is an HP iPAQ 614c. There is no mail client that I can find on the phone. The mail server would be for Gmail, but I want to be able to set up for any mail. Thanks!
  14. S

    How do I set up Blackberry on my phone?

    Hi. I need help assisting a client setting it up on his phone. He bought a blackberry phone (Storm or Curve, not sure) on a MTN contract with the R59pm blackberry service, and now wants to link it to his work email account. I've never used the Blackberry service, and I'm not sure how it works...
  15. C

    Mobile Connect Usage not displaying

    Hi I have Vodafone Mobile Connect build running on Vista (ick!). There is no Settings/Usage menu item (which there should be according to the help) and there is a link on the LHS to connect to Vodacom4me so I can check balances. However, every time I start the software and log on...
  16. morkhans

    Huawei B970/B970b HSPA Router

    What is it? The Huawei B970 is a 3G router with an embedded 3G chip (think Linksys WRT54G3G without having to buy a PCMCIA card). It has 4 ethernet ports, an analogue port for attaching a phone, WiFi support as well as a connection for an external antenna. When attached via USB to a PC it...
  17. S

    iTunes Customisation