packet loss

  1. J

    Packet Loss All of a Sudden?!

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else in capetown has experienced packet loss with games like fortnite and apex legends. I have played online games for more than a year now on my 40 meg line but never have I experienced packet loss like the last few days...any advice would be...
  2. E

    Insane packet losses and im losing hope

    So I have the most INSANE packet losses I have ever seen. And to top it all of I have spoken to atleast 6+ afrihost support members and everytime they just reset my ports and ask me to restart my router. Then it doesn't do anything the packet losses persists and they say everything seems fine on...
  3. S

    Latency and packet loss. HELP! PLS!

    I am hoping someone can assist with this and Crystalweb/Evonet are saying its out of their network therefore they can't help me and giving me shrugged shoulders. Wargaming whom I am pinging says contact my ISP. The problem starts at the 4th hop. Attached my Pingplotter screen grab.
  4. U

    Packet loss and International Bandwith at night

    Hi guys im with cell c 100mb fibre and openserve as my fibre line holder .... ive been having packet loss internationally and very low bandwith to overseas at night for a month now .... here ill be posting a few traceroutes and stuff ... can someone please give me advice and please look at these...
  5. U

    Internationall Packet loss and Bandwith

    Hope everyone is doing good , over a month now and still having internationall packet loss upto 20 percent and extremely high ping like 300 - to eu btw ... which normally through the day is 150 ... im so depressed and so mad at the same time ... cant even watch streams at night cause everything...
  6. U

    Internatioanl Speeds and Packet loss

    I am on Cell C Fibre 100/50 with Openserve , for the past month now i have been having international problems like packet loss and very low international bandwith , i think its something to do with the routing , does someone maybe have any ideas or had the same problem and knows how to fix this...
  7. D

    Help determining reason for packet loss

    Hi, in a bit of a pickle here :confused: When playing games (League of legends and DOTA 2 is the most obvious) I'm getting random instances where my character doesn't move, anything I used/cast is used suddenly when it goes fine again. Seems to be a lot of packet loss in the logs but none...
  8. Scooby_Doo

    Telkom and Packet Loss - How to explain it to Telkom

    Hey All, I have around 2% packet loss on my line, which only really affects VOIP and gaming not throughput. I am struggling to get Telkom to understand that 2% packet loss is not normal, but according to them if I am synced and downloading at a certain speed then there is no issues on the...
  9. N

    PACKET LOSS PROBLEM! -Please help.

    Hi, I have been getting packet loss of up to 90% and over for the last 2 years. I have tried numerous solutions to try fix this problem. I reboot the router around 50 times daily, because of the high packet loss spikes which lead to my router shutting down. I have currently have a 2MB/ps line...
  10. M

    is this normal? over 10% packet loss from ping to isp!

    I ran ping plotter and the 2nd hop which is the isp router is ALWAYS above 10% packet loss, not what it used to be months ago.. and ISP says my line is perfect... so is this normal for an ADSL internet of 4MBits/s speed?
  11. D

    How do I reduce Packet Loss?

    Greeting everybody, I am new here so please be patient if I make any blunders. I have recently started encountering insane packet loss (80% +) on my connection, I am using a standard Vodacom Modem that connects to HSDPA or less often, normal 3G, which is connected to my PC via ethernet. I had...
  12. O

    Serious packet loss issues. Any advice?

    Hello everyone. Using the Is It My Line Report Tool [V2] I got the following results showing serious packet loss. Any advice on how I should deal with this issue? I currently have a contract with Telkom but will move to Axxess asap, if this is relevant at all. These tests were also done over...
  13. D

    Help! Poor quality line following upgrade (cybermart)

    So we've had a 2mb line with cybersmart for about a year, with very few problems and a good download speed (200-220kbs) and good international gaming latency (170m to EU servers). Recently (about 2 weeks ago) we decided to upgrade to a 4mb, hoping for better streaming and download speeds...
  14. D

    Packet loss high

    High i was told to come here to get some help with my packet loss i have called telkom sevral times and they dont seem to help me or fix the problem
  15. I

    Just got ADSL; isp = axxess & I want to move, where to?

    Location: Stellenbosch Line capabilities: Telkom technician said 10mb so I rate ~4mb (Note: I do not have a line filter or anything, my line is plugged in directly but there is no phone connected) So I just got my ADSL line last month and I first tested it on the MWEB 1week free trial which...
  16. U

    Bad ping Local/International.

    I'm in dire need of help. Any help, I'm super despondent (Moedeloos xD)! My gaming randomly started lagging one afternoon 2 weeks ago. I first thought it was my ISP, and after sometime without the help of them (Fu webafrica), i figured out it doesn't matter which isp/router/pc i use. Tested...
  17. B

    Gallo Manor ADSL Problems

    High packet loss (5-50%), high attenuation, high jitter (+- 50) Phone Number : 011 802 ADSL Line Speed : 4mbps ISP name : Mweb Uncapped Time : 24/7 - Since ADSL was first installed. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600] (c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved...
  18. R

    Observatory,CT ADSL problems

    Observatory ADSL problems I play BF3 in the DGL and I am having packet loss issues which are affecting game play. I have been having the problem for the passed week or so and since I work during the day I cant sit on the phone to Telkom. --At around 5pm the problem really starts to become...
  19. R

    Packet Loss >25% in douglasdale for the last 2 weeks.

    Is anyone else in the area experiencing the same issue? Details: 1Mb SNR (downstream) -- 25.0 dB SNR (upstream) -- 13 dB Line Attenuation (downstream) -- 8.0 dB Line Attenuation(upstream) -- 5.0 dB
  20. B

    100% Packet Loss, but DNS and GTalk Working?!

    Hi there, I am currently having very strange issues with my iBurst connection - I esssentially can't browse because I don't receive answers from web pages. As usual, the call support staff are useless. I have tried the following with my iBurst Dekstop 1Mbps modem plugged into my router...