packet loss

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    Packet Loss issue on ADSL

    I have stability problems with my ADSL line and Telkom is completely useless to assist. My router is set up to connect to the internet automatically, but when it is connected, certain websites (like our own at does not work properly. When I connect to our website the...
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    Gaming lag and disconnects! - Packet loss on IS backbone

    So this intermittent packet loss on the IS back-bone (so bad sometimes it drops most of my TCP connections - online games, ssh sessions etc), it's been going on for over a week now. IS, fix your international upstream providers please! MyBB gamers (international servers), if you use afrihost...
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    Unexplained ADSL packet loss

    I've been running 4mbit ADSL for a while now but recently it started to give me problems. Most of the time the connection works fine but I frequently experience periods of severe packet loss. The modem/router doesn't lose sync and it doesn't lose connection to my ISP. I ignored this in the hope...
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    VPN and/or WiFi configurations suitable for high packet loss?

    Hi, I'm currently running a MikroTik RB750 to manage my VPN connection to a friend of mine via a 5.8GHz WUG. Currently we are having high packet loss and PPTP VPN doesn't like it. Are there specific VPN's (like IPSec / L2TP / OpenVPN) or advanced Wireless settings that someone would...
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    High packet loss?

    Hi there If you are using SAIX ADSL (or IS/Verizon for that matter) can you please ping and say if you also experience high packet loss. Can you also please give your location? Seems that there are continued problems on this network, but we want to make certain…...