Porting to FNB Connect


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May 28, 2020
Hi. If anyone is thinking about porting to FNB Connect, I would advise rethinking that decision. Here's why:

1. Delivery of the new SIM card took them a week. It's OK to wait for a new SIM when it's a new product, but what about when one urgently needs to do a SIM swap?
2. The number porting was a nightmare. I ported from MTN and I ensured that my contract was cancelled and the number on pre-paid. So on MTN's side, everything was OK. FNB Connect had some sort of issue which the call centre agents couldn't clarify. It took multiple phone calls and escalation requests to have the number ported.
3. The FNB Connect call centre doesn't deliver the same level of service as the bank does which adds to the customer's frustration.
4. FNB uses Cell C as its backbone. This is in itself is a recipe for disaster: bad call quality, regularly dropped calls and constant data connectivity issues.

On the plus side, it's worth mentioning that:

1. Managing your SIM and connectivity benefits is very easy (using the FNB Bank App or FNB Online).
2. Additional eBucks Rewards
3. Decent pricing on their data bundles
4. There are Topup, Prepaid and Postpaid Contract options (including unlimited calls @R249/month)

Whatever you decide, keep the above in mind when considering FNB Connect.

A great alternative: Afrihost Air Mobile (https://www.afrihost.com/airmobile/monthly). Incredible customer service and they use MTN as their network backbone.


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May 4, 2019
I have an FNB Connect Sim card. I tested it using calls to FNB call centre numbers. It was impossible to communicate. Call quality is so bad that the two sides of the call struggle to get what the other is saying.