1. A

    Porting to FNB Connect

    Hi. If anyone is thinking about porting to FNB Connect, I would advise rethinking that decision. Here's why: 1. Delivery of the new SIM card took them a week. It's OK to wait for a new SIM when it's a new product, but what about when one urgently needs to do a SIM swap? 2. The number porting...
  2. K

    MTN - Why isn't there any more hype?

    Hi, I was wondering, I am a Vodacom subscriber. (EDIT- Sorry, I'm asking about MTN) I don't see any news or complaints or any more hype about them. It's always the other networks that are mentioned each day. Is this because they are better than these other networks, are they actually doing...
  3. Z

    Do not support telkom

    Everyone should know that even if you port your pre-paid number to telkom you will be forced to stay with them for 3 months even though you do not have any service. You will not be informed of this fact by anyone except when you need to move your number to a network with service. Do not be...
  4. M

    Porting to VC query

    Hi all I'm on MTN prepaid & want to port to VC prepaid. Bought SIM card from store, RICA'd, etc, didn't activate new SIM. Sent portme SMS with SIM card number and got a message back saying port request successful, will happen that evening - which it never did. When I got around to phoning VC...
  5. P

    Confused About Network Setup

    Hello, I just had hx.systems install a dish for us. They installed a mikrotik router with a tenda access point. What is confusing me is that the ethernet cable from the mikrotik router/dish is plugged into the LAN 2 port of the Tenda AP. Why is this? Shouldn't it be in the WAN port? I don't...
  6. Z

    Huawei B315 Port forward problem

    Hello I just bought Huawei B315 with Rain LTE-A sim I did some port forwards and face some weird issue I am successfully access the the ports with external network but when i try to access the forwarded ports internally via my public ip address, it not showing anything. Please help...
  7. Rouxenator

    Whatsapp Message transfer to Android

    I have the messages.db files from my Windows Phone and I would like to restore this on Android. Anyone know if this is possible? Alternatively is there anyway I can open it? Seems to be SQLite but it is encrypted.
  8. B

    Vodacom to Telkom smooth port experience

    Hi everyone. I noticed a couple of posts regarding bad Telkom porting experiences. I have been meaning to port to Telkom from Vodacom since the Free Me packages was announced. I was hesitant due to the mentioned posts, but decided to bite the bullet. I can't be more impressed than I am at...
  9. B

    MTN to Vodacom Port Declined

    Hi all! A few days ago, I cancelled my MTN contract and moved to MTN prepaid. I confirmed that prepaid is active with the MTN call center, and in store, and I am able to use my phone on prepaid now. I went to a Vodacom store yesterday (and again today) to request to have my number ported...
  10. J

    Get rid of Telkom and port my land line to a good VOIP provider over Fibre

    Morning everyone, Who is the go to provider to move my land line to now that I have Fibre. I want to kick this Telkom habit completely out the door. Not paying them for internet or ADSL now, just the line rental left to loose. JP
  11. C

    Port Cell number to VOIP?

    Hey there I'm not sure if this has been asked before (I did search but didn't find anything - could have used the wrong keywords), but my cellphone contract is expiring and was thinking of possibly doing the following: Porting from CellC over to MTN(CellC is quite shocking - had two...
  12. V

    Port forwarding refuses to work (TP-Link TD-8840T)

    Ok, so I've given up hope of solving this one on my own. No matter what I do I can't get port forwarding to work. I have a TP-Link TD-8840T modem. I also have a separate WiFi router, but I've disconnected it to remove it from the equation. I've set up a static IP for my PC. I've set up...
  13. S

    Mweb Connection Problem with Certain Game Port

    Hello, My first post here, not really sure if this is the correct place to post such a thing but... Anywho. I'm a Mweb user. I've been with Mweb now for a couple of years and been having this problem now for two years and I'm finally fed up. I have a 4Mb/s ADSL Uncapped Premium package...
  14. T

    Porting of land lines to Telkom Mobile

    I have just moved my landline (032) number to a sim card via Telkom Mobile. I would like to know if I can port a 032 number to another network?
  15. C

    Port forwarding - Telkom Mobile

    Hi there! I'm using Yawcam and No-ip; trying to access a webcam at my house (from outside the LAN). Obviously need to forward a port (8081 according to Yawcam). Have done everything according to the book but port still closed! Does anyone know if TM allow port forwarding? To 8081 or 8888?
  16. L

    Porting wife's number from Autopage to Vodacom

    Hi I'm wondering if someone can shed some light on my problem or maybe offer me an alternative solution to what Autopage suggest. Basically, I have 2 Cell-C lines with Autopage, which they have agreed to cancel due to poor coverage. The one line is used by myself, and the other by my wife. My...
  17. NeonNinja

    This porting thing

    So bought brother phone with micro sim, he is on MTN. Sim is Telkom Mobile. How do we port so that he uses his MTN number/network with the sim?
  18. P

    8ta Port Inquiry

    Anyone know if there's an altenative way to port to 8ta? I really don't wanna go to a Telkom direct store & would prefare not to deal with the call centre as they normally complicate things more. It was rather easy porting from MTN to Cell C but after the recent throughput issues from Cell C...
  19. K

    telkom adsl line problem

    I have a 1m/bit line from telkom.i am only getting 64k/bit speeds.(the line was 384k/bit but was so slow i didnt notice the upgrade).I now checked with the adslcheck website and it is supposed to be 1m/bit.I dont think the problem is with the router.I called telkom but this did not help.I think...
  20. S

    Port to Vodacom - R99 for SIM and its only 64k

    So went into a Vodashop to port from MTN and they want to charge me R99 for the SIM. Anyway, was fine with that. So I agree and she continues to get the activation SMS going and fortunately I tell her I want one that works on LTE. Nope, the one she has is 64k and can't work on LTE. I mean where...