Quadcopter/Drone Thread


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Feb 25, 2012
Anyone know if the Pretoria Botanical gardens allow drones? I cant find any info saying they dont.
Ask to talk to a manager at the location- unfortunately I don't think you'll get permission....

You're right on the boarder of the Waterkloof and Wonderboom CTR's as well (Controlled Airspace from GND to A075) never mind the 50m rule


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Mar 25, 2015
It flies very well! It is very responsive and stable. I am impressed. I just struggle with keeping a stable connection. The controller is the CE version so it's wifi has been nerfed quite a bit, but even so I keep dropping signal from less than 50m. I have only gone to one spot near my house that falls within a fly zone and there is a big Vodacom tower close by, so I suspect that plays a role. There are some Tshwane wifi antennas in the area so that also might be the answer.
I'll sadly only have my drone in an unpopulated area some time next year as I'm about to go on an overseas trip.
Appreciate the update.
Can't wait to get mine. nobody has stock right now and i much prefer to purchase immediately than pre-order.
Enjoy your trip mate.


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Sep 25, 2007
anyone got that Xiaomi Mini drone?
It's only R500 on the eBucks store - wondering if it's worthwhile getting
Mar 25, 2019
Anyone using an iPod to fly their drones? Or have used. Experience?
I fly with mine. The screen is a little bit small, but otherwise works ok. My Samsung Galaxy S6 crashed the other day when I flew with it. There has since been an update to fix the S6 and S7 from crashing, but I don't want to take any chances. I'm planning on buying a Galaxy S10 when I'm in Qatar in two weeks time, but I have read some people experiencing compatibility issues with the DJI app and Android 10. I'm sure that will be resolved easily enough though.