Telkom LTE ,3G failover


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Apr 13, 2010
So my LTE service was never great but I was happy after they installed an antenna and I could get 16mbps to 25mbs.
Not the fastest LTE speeds but better than my 4mbps ADSL running at 2mbps.
I could stream in Full HD gaming latency was at an all time low, and all was glorious.

but 2017 is dark days, low signal and 2.5mbps speeds at best. Sometimes losing signal completely, and only a hard reset of the router bring back network.

Telkom is worthless, logging call after call and nothing. No feedback nothing.

So all this preamble leads me to the question.

How do I get Telkom to switch me over to 3G?

Will 3G failover be supported?

Telkom Mobile 3G failover shall only be supported as a failover measure in instances where the LTE network is down and it must be stressed that the SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless service is a fixed wireless service which must be used in a fixed location and not for mobility. The SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless subscriber shall not be able to roam on MTN’s 3G network

I know they don't want to but their site does say only when the network is down.
While my lte technically works it is not good internet in any serviceable way.
If I am gaming I get packet loss and ping spikes and even hard disconnects.
Can't even play Hitman because it takes forever to connect to your online profile.
Steaming 360p not even 480 it buffers and disconnects.
I am so sads, been spoilt for a few months with almost good internet and now this junk.

All my friends keeps posting me their 60+mbps LTE speeds. :(
They only have the service because I told them about it. I recommended Telkom to them. And now I sit out in the cold while they play on the nets. :( :( :crying: