Telkom uncapped ADSL prices reduced

just a pity that I battle with anything google\youtube\gmail when I use my telkom account compared to any seacom account.
What's the latency on games on these telkom product and what about their user agreements
Great prices indeed. I am considering my options :)
MWEB will no doubt have to drop their pricing. The new price of R369 is a massive drop for 4Mbps uncapped.
have to say, 4meg uncapped bundle looks attractive....--may just jump the Afrihost ship...
mmmm, now the big question. What are speeds going to be like now that they are changing from throttling to shaping their uncapped accounts?

Will be very interesting to see how heavy the shaping is.
very good pricing

I'm still (in week 3 now) battling telkom to get my line back to its 4meg glory. This morning it was syncing at a massive 900k.
The first thing I want to know is how uncapped is their uncapped. What are the restrictions.
Oooooh the 10Mb Uncapped price is great!!!! Suddenly regret moving my line to MWeb