The 2019 Weight Loss Thread - Workout Check-in Thread


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Mar 9, 2011
Keen to see what my heartrate will be when doing a few of the hardcore darebee sessions. Think I might try it over the weekend.

Just a pity their app doesn't have all the exercies and doesn't have the same extensive filtering function as the website. I'd prefer not to have to fiddle with my lappy while exercising. Oh well.. can't have my cake AND eat it . :)

Cue the zerocool beratement in 3... 2 .... 1.... :laugh:
Their app is a little more geared towards sets and reps than HIIT. I have a few of their HIIT workouts programmed into the interval trainer app on my tablet. Haven't been doing much of that lately but it works well.

Will also draw attention to their video execise library - as well as demonstrating individual exercises they do add videos on You Tube that you can follow along for their workouts programs and challenges.


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Aug 7, 2007
I opend up my ab workout app and saw that I haven't done anything for a whole month. Damn that's lazy.. so kicked my own butt and started again tonight. So day 20 done.