!!!WARNING: This is a Rant!!! JVC Smart Android TVs


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May 22, 2009
I purchased a 55" "JVC" in 2017. This was before I was aware that our country's JVC's are fake Chinese panels that were rebranded. Anyway, I plugged it in. Switched it on. And almost immediately put it back in the box and returned it the next day. The TV was marketed as 4k. Even the box said it's 4k. But there was absolutely no way to achieve 4k output on the screen. I tried everything. Besides, the overall quality of the TV and the terrible blurry colours were enough reasons to do the refund. Got myself a 65" Hisense that same day instead. Still happy with it. I paid R16k. I see almost the same model is going for R9k on special at Dion Wired.


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Sep 25, 2007
JVC Smart TVs are a utter bunch of (honky horn) crap.

Purchased one the 11-06-2019 - Damn android is not certified. Play store does not open just a plain (retry error), DSTV now does not work(not google certified device Error), and streaming applications all close after about a minute of playtime!

Contacted Game Stores head office, freaked at them, they offered to take it back for one of the following: replace, voucher or refund!

Checked on their site and they have a 50 inch available from telefunken for the same price. Though not a smart TV but the extra 5 inches of screen real-estate seems better than a partially functional re branded not so "smart" TV at the same cost to me.

Also I called JVC manufactures for South Africa and they just have a hella issue. they simply told me yes we know about this. no there is nothing we going to do about it and tough luck send it back or deal with it. Well guess what. that type of service will see me say good bye assholes! I do not negotiate with crap. take it back and deal with it.

They seem to think that south africans do not have a choice. I suggest that you all never purchase any JVC Crap ever. Ill be taking that 50 inch telefunken instead. + as a bonus the telefunken has a 4 year guarantee instead of a 12 month warranty

If your devices are not certified I guess your not following the GNU licenses for the FREE OS your using so technically JVC your PIRATING BIG TIME and Game is smokkelling Pirated Software for you!