1. J

    !!!WARNING: This is a Rant!!! JVC Smart Android TVs

    JVC Smart TVs are a utter bunch of (honky horn) crap. Purchased one the 11-06-2019 - Damn android is not certified. Play store does not open just a plain (retry error), DSTV now does not work(not google certified device Error), and streaming applications all close after about a minute of...
  2. M

    TJ Miller: US actor charged over fake bomb threat on train

    TJ Miller: US actor charged over fake bomb threat on train
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Don’t share fake news

    Don’t share fake news The South African National Editors’ Forum says it has noticed an alarming trend of fake news websites publishing inaccurate information under the guise of news.
  4. G

    TIP: Check if a phone is fake or not

    Hi guys, A number of people have asked how they can check if that used phone they're interested in buying is the real deal or not. So, herewith some pointers for those interested. It's not 100% foolproof, but may just reveal some things: 1. Always ask the seller for the IMEI number of the...
  5. M

    I'm thinking of buying a camera from "DIGITAL SA CAMERA" anyone ever heard of them

    They seem pretty legitimate but it would put my mind at ease if someone could confirm they are.
  6. Zenbaas

    Photography Online Scammers

    So while looking for some good special on lenses I came across these guys --> http://www.cameragear.wozaonline.co.za/ which led to this Then when looking further I saw they like using the words "Nikon deluxe accessory kit" in a lot of their ads which I've never really seen used too often...
  7. L

    System specs faker?

    Back in the day I had this little software app that would allow me to select an exe and then select what fake system specs I want to feed this exe when I run it. I cannot for the life of me get google to assist me in finding this app. From what I recall one could set a few things like...
  8. LazyLion

    Fake Police arrested in KZN

    Three men have been arrested in Hillcrest, Durban, for impersonating police officers, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Thursday. "It is alleged that one of the suspects approached their victim with the full knowledge that two of his vehicles had been stolen at different occasions," said Colonel...
  9. LazyLion

    Four Years for Cape Town Woman who Faked her own Death

    A Cape Town woman was sentenced to four years in jail for faking her death to cash in on a R3.6 million life insurance policy, it was reported on Wednesday. The Cape Argus reported that Hanelie Nel, 50, was sentenced by the Cape Town Regional Court on Tuesday. According to the newspaper...
  10. LazyLion

    Billionaire Wins Wine Fight, Jury Awards him $380K

    A Florida billionaire says he'll celebrate a New York jury's finding that he was sold nearly $400,000 of fake vintage wine by a California businessman the only logical way - with a glass of wine. A beaming William Koch - a yachtsman who won the America's Cup in 1992 -emerged victorious late...
  11. LazyLion

    Two Arrested over Bogus College

    A man and a woman were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly running a bogus Further Education and Training College in Tzaneen, Limpopo police said. Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said the 31-year-old man and the 34-year-old woman, both from Zimbabwe, were arrested after students asked the...
  12. NeonNinja

    Fake Mandela bank notes emerge

    Just two weeks after being released, counterfeit Mandela notes have emerged. SABC News has a fake hundred rand bill in its possession. The Reserve Bank and the police say they are aware that the new notes have been counterfeited. The new notes were launched with much fanfare. With new and...
  13. M

    Beware the fake Megaupload sites

  14. jes

    Imposter ICASA inspector intercepted

    Imposter ICASA inspector intercepted The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) today welcomed the arrest of a Pakistani man for allegedly impersonating an ICASA inspector at China City Mall last week.
  15. theratman

    Snapper Stripped Of Prize Over 'Fake' Wolf Pic


    Man arrested in Jhb for counterfeit DVDs

    http://m.24.com/content/FullArticle.aspx?aid=2c0b8b68-c1c4-4860-a62b-60359d990ad4&cat=South%20Africa&sh=South%20Africa A 36 year-old man was arrested in a Johannesburg suburb for being in possession of R300 000 worth of counterfeit DVDs. This followed a tip-off made to police. DVD and CD...
  17. B

    Fake Funerals For Money!!!

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30134941/ Two Californian women have been charged with staging sham funerals to collect life insurance payments and other money totaling an estimated $1 million. So play dead to pay your foreclosure.
  18. dablakmark8

    interesting concept but flawed

    aaarrgh:Dwas hoping for a thing like this this was the old article here I was thinking this is a new age in technology and i cant understand why there is no way to do this with xp and vista,I checked google and some forums,everyone says its impossible.