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  1. K

    My new JVC lt-58n785 smart TV firmware hangs

    Hi, My new JVC lt-58n785 smart TV firmware hangs. Is there any firmware/software I can download to fix this problem. Help will be much appreciated. Kay Nkolanyane
  2. D

    Netflix on Skyworth 32E6 Android TV?

    Just bought a Skyworth 32E6 Android Smart TV and when i go to the google playstore and look for the Netflix app it doesn't show up?? Any idea if one can install Netflix and if so how? Help much appreciated :)
  3. J

    Asus O!Play Mini Plus Smart TV Set-Up Box - Sold

    Item name: Asus O!Play Mini Plus Smart TV Set-Up Box Age and condition: Used. Excellent. Do you include packaging: Yes, in original box Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not used anymore Price: R200 Negotiable: Yes Location: Somerset West Shipping or collection: Collection
  4. T

    DSTV Now and Smart TV's

    Hi there, I am looking into buying a new Smart TV for a bar area, but I want a smart TV that can support DSTV now app so I don't have to run cables through to the TV. Does anyone have a list of supported devices? I only find Samsung TV's that are supported but a friend had the app on a Hisense TV.
  5. J

    !!!WARNING: This is a Rant!!! JVC Smart Android TVs

    JVC Smart TVs are a utter bunch of (honky horn) crap. Purchased one the 11-06-2019 - Damn android is not certified. Play store does not open just a plain (retry error), DSTV now does not work(not google certified device Error), and streaming applications all close after about a minute of...
  6. TE3TH

    How do I connect a modern Smart TV to a DVD Surround Sound System

    I recently purchased a 58" Hisense UHD Smart TV. I currently own an older LG DVD Surround Sound System that does not have an HDMI port, only RCA (Red, White and Yellow) The TV does not have RCA OUT, only RCA IN. Would it be possible for me to purchase an HDMI to AV adapter and connect two...
  7. T

    Hisense Smart TV disconnects every day

    Hi there, I recently bought a Hisense Smart TV, my first smart TV. It worked fine for the first few days, then started to give error messages on Netflix which required me to log out and log back in every day. And now, in week three, forgets the WiFi password every day. So every time I turn...
  8. A

    LG 55UK6200PLA VS Skyworth 55G6A11T

    Hi guys, first time TV buyer here. I'm planning on buying a set tomorrow and Makro is selling both these sets(LG 55UK6200PLA VS Skyworth 55G6A11T) for R8999.00. As far as I understand both sets use LG sourced panels. Do you have any advice on what to look for, or which set is better to buy...
  9. Espee

    DSTV Now app available on Samsung Smart TV

    I just discovered that there is now a DSTV Now app on my 2015 Samsung Smart TV. I downloaded it and it works well. How has no one reported on this or did launch very recently? I think it's awesome. No more need to cast from my phone. Has anyone else spotted the app?
  10. J

    DSTV streaming and smart tv

    Hi I recently got a Samsung Smart TV. Is there any way to watch DSTV via streaming on the TV ? I can stream DSTV via the app on my phone but when I want to mirror the screen on the TV, there is no video (only audio). Is there any apps I can try ? Please help if you know. Thanks
  11. E

    I need a dummies' guide to buy a TV

    We are from Cape Town and are in the process of setting up a guesthouse in the south of France. I would ask locals there for advice, but my French doesn't go much beyond bonjour. So then, we need to buy three TV sets. What I know about TVs is there's a red button you press to put it on an off...
  12. M

    LG TV and LG Store / Netflix not loading

    HELP!!! I’ve been trying for what feels like weeks to sort this out. I have an LG Smart TV (beginning to doubt its IQ), and it has connected to my home WiFi. The LG store, Netflix, Showmax, Youtube widgets are all on the home screen. But When I go to the LG store, it takes me to a loading page...
  13. Jamie McKane

    Do you own a smart TV?

    Do you own a smart TV? Which model do you own?
  14. S

    JVC tv not supporting Netflix

    Hi, I just bought a 55’ JVC UHD LED smart tv, I have resubscribed to my netflix account last night I tried watching from my tv, but an error popped up saying that “Netflix needs google play services to work” should I just download google play in order for the app to work? I am able to watching...
  15. J

    Apples, Androids and Hisenses

    Hey guys I hope someone can help. TL;DR is further down below. I have a Hisense 40" "Smart" (And that "Smart" description should be used conservatively) TV that I bought from Game a couple of years ago. Right out of the gate it wasn't exactly the Android powered Media Centre I...
  16. P

    Netflix SA vs Netflix USA

    Long time reader first time poster. So we took the leap and cancelled DSTV and all it entails, R 12,000 a year less makes sense for repeat programming. Stronger ADSL and two subscriptions will give me a saving of about R 500 per month. Registered Netflix and Showmax and will stream sport...
  17. 1

    a simpler viewing experience wanted..........

    Have a dumb Samsung TV, a dumbish Samsung Home theatre for some nice sound, and an Apple TV - We are an Apple home - throw stones ye haters........ Watched Netflix for 4 years, because I refuse to pay Rxxx for DSTV as we're not sports crazy people. Flash forward to 2017 - got tired of the...
  18. M

    New Smart TV or streaming/casting device?

    So I've read countless and countless of reviews and comparisons, but can't decide between a Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV. Or just getting a smart TV. Our current setup: We have both Android and Apple devices at home to cast from, an ancient Xbox 360 we use for Plex and Netflix access and we...
  19. F

    Samsung Smart TV & Amazon Prime Video

    Hi guys! I've got a bit of a problem, and wondering if anyone else experienced this as well. I have a Samsung Smart TV 40" H5303. Yeah it's a couple of years old but still works relatively fine. I've got Netflix and Plex installed and both work fine. The trouble started when Amazon Prime...
  20. J

    Samsung Smart TV Bluetooth

    I have a Samsung Series 6 smart TV. The problem I am experiencing is that I cannot pair another brand Bluetooth headphone to my device. I have read up on this and tried the Secret Menu steps below, Enter Secret Menu ( Pressing Info, Menu, Mute, Power) Enter options - MRT Option (Turn BT...