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    Netflix SA vs Netflix USA

    Long time reader first time poster. So we took the leap and cancelled DSTV and all it entails, R 12,000 a year less makes sense for repeat programming. Stronger ADSL and two subscriptions will give me a saving of about R 500 per month. Registered Netflix and Showmax and will stream sport...
  2. 1

    a simpler viewing experience wanted..........

    Have a dumb Samsung TV, a dumbish Samsung Home theatre for some nice sound, and an Apple TV - We are an Apple home - throw stones ye haters........ Watched Netflix for 4 years, because I refuse to pay Rxxx for DSTV as we're not sports crazy people. Flash forward to 2017 - got tired of the...
  3. M

    New Smart TV or streaming/casting device?

    So I've read countless and countless of reviews and comparisons, but can't decide between a Roku, Chromecast or Apple TV. Or just getting a smart TV. Our current setup: We have both Android and Apple devices at home to cast from, an ancient Xbox 360 we use for Plex and Netflix access and we...
  4. F

    Samsung Smart TV & Amazon Prime Video

    Hi guys! I've got a bit of a problem, and wondering if anyone else experienced this as well. I have a Samsung Smart TV 40" H5303. Yeah it's a couple of years old but still works relatively fine. I've got Netflix and Plex installed and both work fine. The trouble started when Amazon Prime...
  5. J

    Samsung Smart TV Bluetooth

    I have a Samsung Series 6 smart TV. The problem I am experiencing is that I cannot pair another brand Bluetooth headphone to my device. I have read up on this and tried the Secret Menu steps below, Enter Secret Menu ( Pressing Info, Menu, Mute, Power) Enter options - MRT Option (Turn BT...
  6. K

    Help with a smart TV from Takealot please!

    I have about R6000 in Takealot vouchers and I want to use it to buy a smart TV for myself. I can pay in a bit, but don't really want it to cost more than R7000. The size doesn't need to be huge, nothing bigger than 40" I don't think as my space is quite small. The main thing is I want a good...
  7. D

    How to: KODI for Samsung SmartTV

    Hi there. A friend showed me today that he cancelled DStv and streams via KODI. I checked it out but cannot find a way to install it on our Samsung 48" smart tv. I am sure that the smart hub had a Google playstore when we bought it in October last year. It is not there anymore. What do I need...
  8. J

    Of WiFi's, Ethernets and not so Smart Smart TV's

    Hi Guys This might not be quite the appropriate place to ask this, but it does involve networking via either the cable and or WiFi. I recently bought a Hisense 40" "Smart" TV. It does connect to my Wifi, I can watch youtube etc. but it isn't exactly the fastest, and I just can't get it to...
  9. I

    Smart TV /Amazon Firebox

    Please can someone help me out with some advice- I am not very technical- I want to buy a new television so I can watch things on iplayer /netflix etc rather than watch on the laptop. How does it work with changing the VPN etc or getting around the country restrictions?\ Should I get a...
  10. M

    Stream videos to non-smart tv with chromecast

    Hi. I'm interested in buying a TV (non smart) and a chromecast (or similar device) to stream video files from a shared folder on my pc. Currently, I'm sharing a folder with videos files, and my mom can play them on her laptop. My router: Netgear N300 DGN2200MV2 (telkom router) I would...
  11. B

    Hisense... Can we trust?

    Hi, So I am looking at two TV's The 60" Hisense: 60K390PA or the 55" Samsung: 55H6203 Now, granted the Hisense is a bit more expensive than the Samsung (as they are not really in the same class). Is the Hisense worth the extra? Does anyone have experience with this TV and trust the...
  12. R

    Bluetooth headphones for Samsung smart TV?

    Anyone know if the UA50HU7000 can use Bluetooth headphones? The sales person at DionWired says no, but I have read otherwise. If so, then will the Polaroid ones on special at Game be any good (R290) ? PS: I am using IR ones at the moment and there is a lot of static.
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    It’s not just your TV listening in to your conversation

    It’s not just your TV listening in to your conversation Be careful what you say in front of your new television, following reports that Samsung’s new Smart TVs are now being programmed to listen to every word you say
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Samsung TVs injecting ads into your own movies: report

    Samsung TVs injecting ads into your own movies: report The Verge is reporting that Samsung Smart TVs are injecting advertisements into third-party video applications during playback
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Don’t talk in front of your smart TV – it may be listening

    Don’t talk in front of your smart TV – it may be listening Samsung is warning its customers not to talk about personal information in front of its smart TVs
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Samsung launches Tizen smart TVs

    Samsung launches Tizen smart TVs South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. is starting domestic sales of televisions powered by its internally developed operating system
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Toshiba stops international TV production

    Toshiba stops international TV production Toshiba Corp has decided to stop making televisions for overseas markets amid intensified competition with Chinese and South Korean rivals
  18. QuintonB

    Samsung Tizen OS coming to all new smart TVs

    Samsung pushing Tizen into all new smart TVs Samsung Electronics said on Thursday that all its new smart television products launched in 2015 will be powered by the Tizen operating system, marking a fresh effort by the company to increase the usage of the software platform.
  19. jes

    Microsoft All-in-One keyboard trackpad works with smart TVs, consoles

    Microsoft All-in-One keyboard trackpad works with smart TVs, consoles Microsoft has combined a trackpad and a keyboard into one device
  20. R

    Line speed with Smart TV

    Hi there I have just purchased a Smart Tv and I can view You Tube etc on the TV but when i load any of the videos, it starts to buffer and I have a start/stop effect happening. I have 2 Meg line thru Telkom. I have checked my line speed and it is pretty steady (1.73Mbps) What do I do...