1. S

    D-Link DIR-825 - LAN Port Limited to 100Mbps

    Hi everyone, I have a D-Link DIR-825 router that I received from Afrihost when I signed up for a 1Gbps fibre line. I'm having some issues with the LAN speed. When I connect my laptop directly to the OTN, I get close to 800Mbps. However, when I connect my laptop via LAN to the router, speed is...
  2. R

    Netgear PowerLine 1000 Adapter

    Item name: Netgear PowerLine 1000 Adapter (two units) Age and condition: 1 Month Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes (manufacturer) Reason for selling: Ended up getting a Cat6 cable installed in the office so no longer need these. Price: R800 Negotiable: Yes (within reason) Location...
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Crazy-fast 1Gbps LTE-U live demo from MTN

    Crazy-fast 1Gbps LTE-U live demo from MTN MTN and Huawei have given a live demonstration of their LTE-U trial at a switching centre in Centurion.
  4. T

    Greencom vs 123NET vs InfinityFibre

    Hello, I want to know which company will roll out the fastest to our city (Rustenburg) and how many sign-ups they need. Thanks
  5. T

    Rustenburg FTTH | 123NET | Internet

    Please help get 123NET awesome fibre service in Rustenburg. We need at least 300-500 people so sign up so we can get it. Here are the details : Prices range from R499 to >R1000 (Speeds are 1GBPS which is super fast!) We can also get free 5mbps if we sign up and pay the once-off...
  6. S

    Wireless experts - I need a 700m 300mbps point-to-point link

    There are 2 buildings that are about 700m apart, each with its own internal network, that need to be connected. The plan is to merge the 2 networks into 1. There is a clear line of site between the buildings. I need a very fast wireless connection between the buildings. At this stage, fibre...
  7. jes

    1 Gbps Fibre to the Home planned for South Africa

    1 Gbps Fibre to the Home planned for South Africa i3 Africa planning to roll out Fibre to the Home in six South African cities
  8. W

    Google & 1 Gbps Fibre to the home...

    Makes me mad... In Cape Town we are still struggling to get local ISP's to provide decent & constant 10 Mbps http://www.gizmag.com/googlei1-gigabit-per-second-fiber-to-the-home-network/14140/ http://www.google.com/appserve/fiberrfi http://www.fiberforcommunities.com/ ps - not a...
  9. T

    Metro-Ethernet fibre network launched by Vodacom Business

    Vodacom Business today launched its ‘super-fast fibre network’, offering clients speeds from 2Mbps to 1Gbps Metro-Ethernet fibre network launched by Vodacom Business
  10. G

    Google's 1Gbps offering ....

    http://www.engadget.com/2010/02/10/google-to-launch-1gbps-isp-service-in-select-markets-at-competi/ should slap everyone in the face, and rightly too!
  11. Nod

    All Koreans to Have 1Gbps Broadband by 2012

    Korea have a government that are very serious about creating jobs and opportunities, realizing that connectivity will be very important in the future.