afrihost & mybroadband

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    Afrihost terrible service and support

    I've been with afrihost since the first day they released fixed LTE data. This was the rain network. The first 2 years we amazing. The speeds were great. After roughly 2 years. The told me you package would now be halved into a peak and off peak data. I asked if I'd get the same service. They...
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    Afrihost Fibre - international issues?

    it almost impossible to access google, youtube or my BB forums on metrofibre/Afrihost today. I had to switch to MTN to post this Anyone else having issues?
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    Afrihost's trying really hard!!!

    I am sitting here, can't sleep so I thought I would come and see What is / has happened thats worth reading on My Broadband as I find lot's to keep me busy. And low and behold I see Afrihost Support Form!!! Now i think to myself yet another 'Best ISP' support channel of the 99999 Million that...
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    Britelink / Fibrehoods fibre journey through hell

    So im not sure if i took all the fibre installation horror stories i had heard for granted before i embarked on my journey through hell in order to install fibre, but oh boy i should've. So the story starts with my back and front hassling and multiple account application and deletion with...
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    Why is Afrihost Service so BAD and why is there no MANAGEMENT when requested

    Morning, My query is why is there no Management getting back to a person if faulty line was reported on 22/03/2016 and till today NO SERVICE. THE WORST IS WHEN CREDIT Note is requested for NO SERVICE then im told that YOU CAN'T GET ONE. I am skeptic on how AFRIHOST won their previous ISP of the...
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    Afrihost & Mybroadband - what is happening?

    :mad::mad::mad::mad:Afrihost & Mybroadband - what is happening?:mad::mad::mad: I guess I'm one of the biggest fans of - waiting in the morning for the news updates and constantly recall post of service providers who don't perform. Never do you see anything negative about...