1. YeLo

    The Beginner Biker Thread

    This thread is for beginner/prospective motorcyclists who might have questions that only experienced motorcyclists can answer.
  2. P

    Getting back in the game

    Hi all, This is my very first post on MyBB :cool: Sorry if it’s a long story but I’ve been going in circles for a long time and need some guidance. In my younger years, I use to be a developer (mostly TSQL and .Net 1.1/2.0). For some reason my development tasks at the time was limited to...
  3. H

    Starting in API Integration. Need a Framework

    Hi Guys I'm a intermediate PHP developer looking to integrate a JSON based API. Is there a framework I can use that helps me get started without "reinventing the wheel" I'd like to just be able to authenticate and read from the API to start and later look at creating and updating data. I've...
  4. D

    Best Java IDE

    I have recently started a Java course at MSA, they use the BlueJ IDE but i don't feel 100% comfortable with it. I wanted to know your opinions on a good beginners IDE from anyone involved in any form of java development. They have recommended a few others, but if those are anything like BlueJ...
  5. TimBru14

    Beginner motorbike

    Hi all :) New to the forum so please excuse my newby-ness. I've been looking into getting my learners bike license and buying my first bike but I'm stumped as to what I should get. Prowling the forums has proved rather confusing as many people say that the best starter bike is no less than...
  6. B

    Photography for beginners - Where to start

    Hi all, I've looked through the threads and haven't found exactly what I'm looking for, so hopefully this can become a first stop, easy to read and understand sticky for anyone interested in taking up photography as a hobby. I fall into that group but have no idea where to start. So for the...
  7. M


    Good Day Guys I'm currently studying and we've just started C# using Visual Studio. Does anyone know of a good textbook that can assist me with learning C# using Visual Studio (ASP.Net Web Application, web forms) . Thanks
  8. J

    Which mountain bike is a better buy? Silverback vs. GT

    Hi, I have been looking for the right mountain bike for a while now and i'm still not so sure which bike to get. I'm a beginner and this would be my first mountain bike with my highest price being R8000. I plan to cycle three times a week, two of the days being on the road and the other up in...
  9. S

    Would you like to blog?

    Hey Mzansi peeps I have an idea that has been always on my mind ever since I started blogging. I thought I could share on this forum to see if anyone would be interested. After returning to the MyBB forums this year I realized there are many South African people who would like to start...
  10. W

    New to WOW

    Hey everyone, new to the forums, I've been a blizzard fan since forever, but never really had the time to play WOW, after I've heard that they're bringing out yet another expansion, I thought I'd give WOW a go, what tips would you have for a WOW noob like myself, I started a night elf druid...
  11. N

    Buying a bakkie - help !

    Hello everybody, my girlfriend and I need a second car and we feel sentimental about the idea of a bakkie - sleeping on a matress on the back on camping trips, throwing our bikes in the cab, having all that space to load in tables and display cabinets for the 5/6 annual markets that she has a...
  12. NeonNinja

    New Road Bike?

    Ok, so I'm studying for my motorcycle learners; I'm going to book and get date next month. Meanwhile I'm checking out a bike in the +-R12k region. I'm looking for a new one. I've never actually rode a bike before. I'm looking at 150cc (maybe 125cc) and up. I'm interested in getting the 200cc...
  13. A

    Cant seem to make a choice???

    Hello all im new here and will be new to adsl as well... im hoping you guys will be able to assist me with some questions i have please in this week still im planning on signing up for an adsl account as i just found out today that there are ports available on the exchange now. so im...
  14. R

    Best Beginner's SLR

    Hey guys, What is the best beginner's all round SLR camera? In relation to performance, affordability, lens affordability? I'm thinking of taking photojournalism next year and I'll need the equipment. Thanks!!
  15. K

    Best Beginner Programming Languages?

    Hey Guys, I would like to find out, which is the easiest/most comprehensible, programming language for someone with no programming background, to sink their teeth into... The options are: C++ Java C# VB.NET If possible, can you also furnish a few major advantages, and disadvantages...
  16. E

    WOW im so iimpressed!!! Not!!

    Hi this is my forst post and thread!! Woop Woop killing 2 stones with one bird!! Been using iburst for a few years!! Yes some of you are screaming foooool:D:Dl!!!! LOL! But i have no choice:cry:! I jus startd downloading files vai torrents and found the genius of tor!! am now downloading...
  17. M

    SEO for beginners - a summary for clients

    For those of us who are all too familiar with the client who asks: "how do I get to the top of SERPs" Glad I'm not the only one that has to endure this :)