1. J

    Extend WiFi To House Across The Road

    We run a self catering agency with many homes in and around Cape Town. Getting WiFi in these homes become a mess with 3G tops ups and other issues I'll not bore you with. I am trying to elimate this interupting task one by one. Here's the first idea: I want to boost our WiFi to one of these...
  2. B

    Vodacom Tower Installation Above my Apartment

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice from the community from those in the know regarding legalities of cellphone towers and their installation with proximity to people etc. I live in Pretoria and the rental company that owns the block of flats where I live has decided to go ahead and...
  3. S

    Vodacom Signal Booster required, please help?

    Hi there, I've been having constant issues with signal at my building and it's gotten to a point now where my phone is breaking up for almost every call I answer at my home! It works fine outside of my home e.g clear calls, 4G signal, etc. Please can you assist? I stay in the Point...
  4. K

    GSM Repeaters

    Hi Guys, My company is looking for a GSM/Cellular booster or repeater, the signal in one of our offices is really weak, for all the major networks. I've been tasked with finding a "GSM Booster" solution. Antennae won't work, as everyone in the offices needs a signal boost. Any ideas?
  5. M

    Looking for a decent HSDPA antenna booster

    I live in the dip in Parkhurst, Johannesburg and the best connection type I get is EDGE/GPRS - super frustrating. Does anyone know of a good antenna booster for mobile broadband, or a company that supplies/installs such boosters?
  6. G

    Bandwidth boosters not available on web site and other issues

    Fistly: I checked my usage today and have very little bandwith left and need to purchase boosters. The DropDownList on the iBurst web site only displays an option of "R 0.00 (incl VAT)" Could this be rectified as a matter of urgency as I will probably run out of available bandwidth today or...
  7. LazyLion

    Game Booster auto-tweaks Windows for better performance
  8. T

    Telkom Router Booster? Help!

    So I've been reading a few of the posts regarding Boosters etc and you guys speak in such technical terms I have NO idea what you're talking about :confused: But just so you can join me for a laugh I'm going to tell you about my call to Telkom ADSL Call Centre where I asked whether it was...