1. M

    Broken Samsungs Note 8/9/10/10 lite & S10/S10+/S10e

    Item Wanted: Samsungs - Note 8/9/10/10 lite & S10/S10+/S10e Contract/Cash: Any Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: Any - can be broken - must just switch on. Location: JHB Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: R0- R1500
  2. E

    Wanted buggered SSDs:

    Hi everyone :) I'm looking for old, used up SSDs where the NAND, rather than the Controller etc has died. With any luck I'll be able to repurpose the Controller chip for a 'Super Secret, crazy Project/idea' I have! :d If i'm going to be fussy its the larger Samsung Evo drives I'm most...
  3. S

    Evetech Review - Damaged Goods and Pathetic After Sales Service

    On the 6th of November 2018, I ordered a MSI GP73 8re notebook for R22,798 from Evetech. Before the item was dispatched, I enquired whether I would be able to upgrade the primary hard disk myself without voiding the warranty (I have been building and repairing PC's, notebooks and network...
  4. S

    Hard drive not working

    Hi. This is what happens when I connect the hard drive to the computer. Does anyone know how to fix it or if it can be fixed? Watch this video
  5. P


    Telkom are downgrading my line every week to a 2mb (and iv been paying for a 4mb for the last 4 years) every week they downgrade my line and I obviously notice it. I have never asked them to downgrade line nor do they phone me and tell me that they are doing so, every week I have to phone telkom...
  6. T

    Ford figo studs broken

    Went to supaquik today for wheel alignment. So, the studs wouldn't loosen and the other one broke off, so I'm told I need to do wheel bearing and something that sounds fancy. My question is, shouldn't I be replacing the broken studs instead? I just want to know, just incase I'm being taken...
  7. S - Autoforward and Auto-responder not working. Help!

    So I am trying to move a client away from using their * email address, and have helped them to register their own domain and created a new email address on this domain. Their email is hosted on an Office 365 Business Premium subscription. The next step is to auto-forward emails...
  8. D

    HELP!!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 soft bricked on another level

    So I have a S4 and a while back it lost its IMEI number, i have had a couple of custom roms on but recently went back to stock and upgraded to lollipop via the OTA software upgrade on the phone, but i experience a hell of alot of soft bricking so i factory reset my phone and it worked but it...
  9. W

    Skype has uploaded more than 1GB in 2 hours so far - looking for alternatives

    Hi there, As per the subject, my Skype decided to start uploading data like crazy since I started it up this morning. In less than two hours it has clocked more than 1.2GB in uploads to the same IP abc.def.ghi.jkl. It shows no signs of abating and it shows no progress or any indication of what...
  10. NomNom

    Defective Hard Drive Sounds

    Very informative site about the different sounds a hard drive can make and when to know if you need to backup your data immediately or when the hard drive has failed.
  11. S

    ADSL losing Sync and static present.

    So I've recently got ADSL at my house and its been fine until now................. The ADSL light on my Billion 400G router blinks most of the time making browsing impossible. The line drops every 5-10 minutes sometimes and other times it can stay for hours. As I'm typing this it dropped twice...
  12. M

    Dropped it like its hot... Any places to repair a S2 screen cheap in Cpt?

    Im new to cape town and used my phone to get around but now its dead cause of the screen cracked and wont go on. is there any place in cape town i can get it repaired for at a good price as i said im new to this side of the world only been in cape town for 2 weeks and need my phone badly feel...
  13. D

    Vodacom - new contract, broken phone

    I bought an iphone at the end of Feb 2012. The phone broke after 2months: Message alert tone came through 2 or 3 times for 1 message, touch screen stopped working and eventually the screen went white. Took it back to Vodacom to exchange and because of their policy to send it back for repairs I...
  14. S

    DSTV wont swap out New Drifta in warranty because its been on 2 accounts.

    Hey Guys I Recently bought a brand new DSTV Mobile Drifta from a colleage who had got himself a HD PVR of which came with the Mobile drifta Decoder. He had tied the decoder to his account a day before I bought it(He had had it for less than a week) Once I bought it from him he canceled his...
  15. Rouxenator

    A (VW) picture is worth a thousand words

    I just had to take this one cause it had so many things in it that came together at the same time. Pity I did not take a pic last Wednesday when I was in a 10km fun-run and passed a Polo with its hood up - oh the funny say things that could have come out of that :D
  16. jes

    Broken SIM card? Subscribers expected to pay for replacements

    Broken SIM card? Subscribers expected to pay for replacements If your SIM stops working for whatever reason you have to foot the bill for the replacement – mobile operators explain why
  17. L

    iBurst and Online Gaming

    Hi guys, Since Thursday I'm completely unable to play Aion, Rift (Open Beta) as well as Guild Wars as indicated by 4 previous posts. (Without reply from iBurst) here here here and here Sorry about the tone, but to my defense I was (and ultimately still is) highly annoyed by this...
  18. NeonNinja

    Ever had your heart broken twice by the same woman?

    I did. First time it was in February 2010. Now it's February 2011.
  19. V

    Sony plasma TV repair

    My Sony 42" plasma (model 42FWD PX2, I think) stopped working a while ago. I was quoted about R 8 000 for the repair; apparently the X and Y (?) boards both needed to be replaced. I used the money to buy a new unit (Samsung 42" plasma with three years warranty !) but wouldn't mind repairing the...
  20. ands45

    Vodacom Contract Blackberry 8520 broken

    I had my Blackberry only for a couple of months when the screen suddenly started having stripes across it. I did not drop it and the LCD wasn't cracked. The phone was still in perfect condition otherwise without a scratch on it. So I took it in and it has taken over a month for Vodacom to get...