1. S

    Online call history for prepaid Neotel CMDA phone?

    Hi to all. Does anyone know if there is a way to download the call history from a Neotel prepaid landline CDMA phone? Is there an online portal where you can view call history, or perhaps a way to sign up for email reports? If not, is there a way to export the data directly from the phone...
  2. jes

    Neotel drops smartphone bomb in SA

    Neotel drops smartphone bomb in SA Neotel has launched an Android smartphone on a new package it calls “NeoSmart”
  3. D

    Unlocked iPhone on SA networks... GSM or CDMA version?

    Hi all, If I wanna buy a factory unlocked iPhone overseas, would I be looking to buy the GSM or CDMA model in order for it work with Cell C, Vodacom, MTN et al? Would appreciate input. Thanks
  4. Z

    Using a CDMA cellphone from the states on Neotels network

    Just wanted to know if it's at all possible to use a CDMA (CDMA= US networks verizon and sprint) phone, like the HTC Evo or the palm pixi on the Neotel network, and if so how do you get it registered on the network. What is CDMA? See wiki
  5. jes

    Neotel launches cordless CDMA phone on R99 package

    Neotel launches cordless CDMA phone on R99 package Neotel today launched its new cordless home phone with plans to make communications easier and more affordable
  6. jes

    Telkom sells off Multi-Links CDMA business

    Telkom sells off Multi-Links CDMA business Telkom today announced the sale of the Multi-Links’ CDMA business to Visafone
  7. Derrick

    CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access

    CDMA is one of many technologies for digital transmission of radio signals between, for example, mobile telephones and radio base stations. In CDMA, which is a spread-spectrum modulation technology, each call is assigned a unique “pseudorandom” sequence of frequency shifts that serve as a code...
  8. rpm

    Don't discount CDMA and EV-DO

    CDMA and EV-DO: Not Dead Yet HSPA+ and LTE may enjoy all the attention, but the role of CDMA2000 and EV-DO in mobile broadband should not be overlooked
  9. jes

    Neotel's consumer broadband plans explained

    Neotel's consumer broadband plans explained Neotel responds to concerns about their decision to discontinue their high-end CDMA packages
  10. jes

    Neotel - Operator state and plans for the future

    Neotel - Operator state and plans for the future After four years in the telecommunications business we asked Neotel about the challenges they've faced and their plans for the future
  11. jes

    Four years of Neotel

    Four years of Neotel At a fourth anniversary event held in Rosebank Neotel talked about where they've come from and where they're headed
  12. rph72

    Neotel Broadband for consumers

    Can Neotel please provide us with their definition of Broadband? There was something about "Fast Internet" & "Broadband" on the old Neotel website. Not sure whether the old site has been archived as I really would like to find some info there that is no longer available on the new site.
  13. S

    Neotel throws in the towel for it's crappy CDMA service

    Neotel throws in the towel for it's crappy CDMA service. Well not exactly. But the signs are there: The full article can be found on TechCentral - Neotel to launch prepaid products. Crux of the story is that Neotel have no faith in their own CDMA service to provide a decent, reliable...
  14. T

    Neotel's network plans revealed

    Neotel reveals network plans
  15. S

    LG Dare snatches CES award , its CDMA enabled.

    So mmm Neotel - these are the other kinda gadgets we're looking for - so roll out that coverage and get us some nice handsets!
  16. V

    Telkom 3G W-CDMA

    Does anyone have this product yet? Can I use a "DO" account on my 3G modem? (all access) Is it a contract? Is it a new package that can't be used in conjunction with your current ADSL or fixed line? Thanks...
  17. rpm

    Neotel network growth continues

    Neotel network growth continues
  18. R

    CDMA Link

    Hey Fellow People... Just to share some infomation about the CDMA Equipment :) Here is a URL you'll find it most interesting the Equipment that NeoTel does offer is the fastest in the market.. For those who wanted to know about the upload speed read this...
  19. P

    Any real world experiences with them?

    Anyone sign up and have some experiences with the technology? Gees. Waiting forever...