1. jes

    8ta, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C: data prices compared

    8ta, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C: data prices compared Telkom's mobile operator 8ta launched yesterday, offering aggressive and simple pricing on its voice and data prices. This is how they stack up.
  2. A

    Mayday - 3G to ADSL?

    I know you advanced blokes are inundated with these stupendous enquiries all of the time but I could really use a guiding hand? I'm an ignoramus :whistle: when it comes to ADSL and can't keep up with recent developments (pricing & tech) in this sector. I currently have a 2Gb 3G connection for...
  3. Rouxenator

    Buying a new car : Why I'm not buying the world car of the year 2010 (Polo)

    So this weekend I decided its time to buy a new car again. I got my last new car 10 years ago for my 19th birthday and bought one used car since then. I did a little searching around and was surprised that my personal favorite, the Opel Corsa, is a much better deal than the oh so common Polo...
  4. N

    HTC Legend vs. Desire

    Why in the world would anyone get an HTC Legend? I've got my heart set on an HTC phone with Android 2.1. Its a choice now between the Legend and Desire. I was planning to go with the legend. But i've seen that the desire is SLIGHTLY more expensive. On a talk 120s the Desire is R437.50...
  5. D

    Axxess DSL Lite vs Afrihost R29/GB

    Sorry if these have been discussed recently, I couldn't find any threads about it. What's the catch with the new Axxess DSL Lite offering? I currently have an Afrihost 5GB account, is there any benefit over the Axxess DSL Lite 5GB because I can't see any? Axxess is claiming these accounts...
  6. d0b33

    Performance showdown: OSX Snow Leopard beats Windows 7
  7. S

    Gigabyte laptop comparison

  8. A

    Simple ADSL Comparison

    Hi, I noticed many different threads where people post their settings and line speeds, but we need a central thread with one post for each user detailing their line and it's performance in a standard format. If there isn't already one, then I would like to start a simple comparison of our ADSL...
  9. LazyLion

    Computer Hardware Chart - Get it here!
  10. Pooky

    Omnia vs. Diamond vs. X1

    Omnia vs. Diamond Which one would you choose and why?