connection failure

  1. O

    Intermittent connection loss

    Good day. I was wondering if anyone could help me out please. I'm having issues where my internet connection drops completely. I have a ticket open. #COOL-20210815-749059. Basically they asking me to plug laptop into fibre box and do mtr tests while the problem is happening. This is basically...
  2. oros

    icasa website down

    icasa's website is down, can't access it. Anyone else?
  3. D

    Vodacom Network Connectivity Issue on Apps

    Good Day Everyone, I could really use some advice please. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Vodacom on contract. I am curently experiencing the following issues: Cannot send and receive media through Whatsapp on mobile data (Wi-Fi works fine) Facebook media doesn't show media on...
  4. U

    MWEB or Telkom the problem? Certain files on specific domains timeout only for me

    Hi all, I'm an Mweb subscriber and I have a weird problem that maybe some clued up guys here have heard of before. It seems to only happen on my connection. As the title says, specific files on certain domains timeout only for me. I have a friend who lives down the road and he can access...
  5. S

    Can a router "break" telkom?

    So here an interesting scenario, sorry if it's a bit long winded. I've been fighting with my adsl line for 2 months now, constantly dis- and re-connecting at varying speeds. Not sure if that is relevant but it might point to underlying issues with the router which was also mysteriously reset to...
  6. M

    Connected but no internet

    So I got home yesterday and couldn't access the internet. Rebooted the router and it was able to connection to my ISP (Axxess) but I was still unable to access any websites. I even checked on the Axxess CP and it shows me as connected. I couldn't even ping so went on to try two...
  7. V

    ADSL connection randomly resetting - not a modem or ISP issue

    Hi all, If this is in the wrong section, or is missing some information, sorry :S. I have a 1mb connection at home through Cybersmart, and have had an issue of the ADSL connection resetting. Originally I thought it was the ISP/modem but having tried a Afrihost trial account, and changing...