1. Gokuofuin

    Samsung S21 Ultra Promotion Issues

    Greetings Internet:popcorn: I have just recently taken possession of my S21 Ultra from the promotional deal I signed up for on Telkoms website. However when I opened the box I was puzzled since there was no Galaxy Bud Pros or Samsung Smart Tracker... They were not sent with my phone? Has...
  2. A

    Telkom call centre agent advised incorrectly

    Help needed on what to do with Telkom Billing Went into Telkom Monday 4 September to open up a new contract, everything went well and I got the P10 lite I was then informed that Telkom had a promotion running and I received 10gigs of Data to use till November Few days in I check my...
  3. T

    New Phones? What are you waiting for?

    So as contracts expire and new phones change every year, the choice is quite difficult. What is the general consensus of the best phones on the market in SA currently? Samsung S8 - any thoughts to wait for it? iPhone 7 - is it really worth it? Huawei P10 - also, do we wait? Moto Z -...
  4. N

    iPhone warranty 1 year - MTN contract 2...

    Hey guys, So as the title says I'm aware that the warranty period for iPhones is only a year and I'm on a 2 year MTN contract...I'm lucky enough to have my iPhone deemed broken (beyond repair, it needs replacement) by the iStore repair centre. So is there a way MTN will replace the unit (iPhone...
  5. D

    Client poaching a contractor

    I'm looking to get some input into a HR/contract issue we have at the moment. I know this happens often in the IT world, but we are a consultancy firm, in a non-IT field. We run a small bespoke consulting service for clients working in various hostile environments. One of our biggest clients...
  6. T

    Telkom service signup website unsecure

    I decided to order the Telkom wirless smartbroadband. Ons their site you can sign up for the contract. I started to fill in my details and noticed on the bank details page that the website was unsecure....only http, no https. I aborted the signup and contacted Telkom. They confirmed that the...
  7. J

    End of Contract MTN

    Hi guys I hope this is the correct place to ask this. My contract with MTN which (in total) has been running for four years (2 for my first phone and 2 for my latest) and is coming to an end this month. I've spoken to them and apparently on a supplied date (with the account apparently...
  8. R

    MTN contract roll over

    Hi all Not sure if this has been asked before, but does anyone know if MTN rolls over any unused minutes, SMSs and data included in their contracts (specifically the My MTNChoice contract)? Looking to move to MTN from Cell C and just curious as to whether MTN does this. At the moment on my...
  9. J

    Vodacom migration

    Hi there, Someone from Vodacom please assist me here: I currently have an Everyday Off-peak 120 contract for my wife which, is proving to be very unsuitable. What can I migrate to that has Data and anytime airtime without incurring penalties or taking a big step up in subscription? Thanks
  10. LazyLion

    Another Ockie Appreciation Thread!

    I had a whole bunch of changes to put through on our company contracts with Vodacom and Ockie patiently worked through all of them and made the necessary changes. Then yesterday my brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 arrived delivered to my desk! Ockie got me a great deal on the upgrade, threw in the...
  11. D

    CPA Compliant Timeshare Agreement/Contract

    Hello, I’m trying to perform an analysis on the whole principle of timeshares. Unfortunately, I am having trouble locating a copy of a CPA compliant timeshare agreement/contract. Is there anyone here who knows where I can find one? O alternatively has one that I can look at? Thanks a mill. DD
  12. R

    Vodacom - Harder to get rid of than an STD

    So, my cellphone contract (R149 a month) expired 4 months ago, Vodacom never let me know this happened and have been charging me R500 a month at what they now call the "Normal Price" for 2gb of data per month. I made sure the contract was properly cancelled at the beginning of Sep, at the end of...
  13. B

    Comparing CellC and MTN Top Up

    I've prepared some numbers so that we can compare the voice costs on the current Cell C and MTN packages. There's a few contracts: The Cell C contracts include more smss and data. They also include data. I'm comparing voice minutes to keep it simple. Cell C don't include a phone in the...
  14. Jan

    Vodacom Smart Plans pricing with and without devices

    Vodacom Smart Plans pricing and device details New Vodacom dealbook shows Smart Plan prices without devices that may surprise you.
  15. Jan

    Vodacom Smart Plans all-in-one smartphone packages launched

    Vodacom all-in-one smartphone plans launched Vodacom Smart Plans take on Cell C’s Straight Up packages.
  16. B

    Looking for a lawyer

    Hey Guys, Im hosting an Exhibition this year, it is my first exhibition. Iv got an exhibition manager in place to handle the actual show and a sales team etc. However, i need a lawyer to look through the venue contract and then draw up a contract for exhibitors. Can anybody recommend a...
  17. V

    MTN December 2011 Prices

    These are the offreings available form MTN for December 2011. (copy/paste from an excel spreadsheet I received, can't get the spacing to remain even) </snip> Edit:- the spreadsheet has been uploaded to...
  18. Anthro

    'Device only contracts' ?

    Hi there all / Voda reps Is there a way for me to ONLY get the phone I want with no SIM needed ? MTN (been with them 10++years) don't have stock of either iPhone nor the Samsung Galaxy S. I want to approach local Vodashop / Vodacom4u for either of these devices. Yes / No / Maybe ? :whistle:
  19. Nimz

    Help needed with contract

    So my contract is due for an Upgrade on Saturday (23/04/2011) Im currently on the weekender package R135 p/m + R59 BIS I have a Blackberry 9700 and a Samsung Galaxy so im thinking of going for the iPhone 4. What is the best deal available? Nothing more than R300 p/m I need atleast the...
  20. P

    Non Fixed Contracts? | Virgin

    Hi, I seem to vaguely remember something that there was a Virgin Cellphone contract that was month to month. Does something to this effect still exists? Maybe other providers have adopted something to that effect? That would be perfect for me - i realized that this thing of being locked...