1. S

    New install: Vuma/Telkom no internet

    I took out a Telkom subscription recently. Vuma sent the guys to install the CPE, and the installer confirmed that the connection was active. The "DBAM: OPS Specialist" I am corresponding with at Telkom asked me to inform her as soon as the installation was complete. I did so, and she responded...
  2. A

    looking for optic fiber cable

    hi all. as title says,i'm looking for the small optic cable that connects the wall unit to the fiber CPE unit. my child managed to twist it and broke it last night. i started looking this morning but couldn't find any including telkom shop.(my fiber connection is done by Openserve) afrihost...
  3. Savy561

    Vumatel raycore cpe lights question?

    Quick question here, I have vumatel trenched and the cpe lan light will sometimes alternate between orange and green with reboots, is this normal? I did have an accout issue with my isp but that was resolved and I am currently not having any issues so I guess it is just curiosity at this point...
  4. izakhearn

    Need help on info for TTConnect CPE/ONT

    Hello Guys . I am looking for the model numbers of which ONT/CPE TTConnect Uses. I have heard that what they use vary. The Reason I am looking for this info is that i need to make space for it in a wall mounted box. I have tried phoning them but i just keep getting transfered between...
  5. M

    Vumatel installed, but... flashing blue power light and no helpdesk response for days

    So the installation team put my fibre line in, during which they managed to break the cable (which the second technician who showed up an hour or so later said is fairly common). He did a splice by the CPE and also outside by the main external box, which he seemed to think had resolved the...
  6. D

    Fibre CPE not from ISP

    Hey guys I'm close to getting fiber but don't want to get the router provided by the ISP. I'm more specifically talking about the router which the fiber connects to off the wall directly and then possibly bridges to a Wifi router over WAN connection. As i understand the fiber router...
  7. R

    Vumatel Fibre Setup - Connection locked to one MAC Address

    So I just got the CPE device installed by Vumatel and, too anxious to wait for MWEB to drop off my free router, I decided I will try to connect using my Netgear D300 router instead. It's got a WAN port so everything should be fine. I followed the instructions on the Vumatel website...
  8. J

    Linksys X3500 modem router to Vumatel CPE

    The day arrived - at last - Vumatel finally switched on in our area. Thanks to Cell C for the free access till the end of May .... The problem. How to link my existing Linksys X3500 ADSL Modem / Router to the Vumatel CPE directly. I have connected a network cable from the CPE to the WAN...
  9. K

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  10. Rouxenator

    Using CPE for wifi (Realtek 8186 on Amobia)

    Hi, I recently discovered that my CPE for Amobia wireless has a Wifi SSID of RTL8186-GW and was wondering if I could use this for normal Wifi access to my phone and laptop. Currently I have a Linksys WRT54G connected to the CAT5 cable that comes from CPE but it would be sweet if I could just use...