1. G

    Order held at Customs

    Hey guys. I ordered couple items from Amazon and they shipped it with Aramex. I got a notification today that my parcel is being held at Customs, and an email from Aramex requesting 1 month Bank Statement that contains the transaction, my ID number, and Invoice. They also want an order form and...
  2. I

    Thinking of buying from Amazon

    Hello, so I have a question or two.. There's something I'm trying to buy locally but I can't find a trustworthy so I decided to try Amazon for the first time. I know that they calculate everything for you during checkout but I want to know is that what can I expect after paying in terms...
  3. G

    First Class Shipping ( USPS to South Africa )

    Hi All, Im looking for anyone who has had recent experience with shipping from the USA to SA using USPS ( Specifically First Class Service ). My sister in America sent me a small parcel 31 July 2019 its now almost end August and i have not received any calls , sms's , emails etc. Called the...
  4. justblazethe1st

    PayPal and International Purchases

    Okay quick questions, i'm going to be buying something on alibaba and i have an option to use paypal and since i have like $50 in there i might as well use it. My question is when it comes down to sending invoice to the courier guys for customs clearance am i going to have a problem?
  5. D

    Buying a Marshall stanmore speaker from USA approx R3220?

    Hi I want to buy a Marshall Stanmore bluetooth speaker off the official marshall website in the USA. Cost is $199 (approx. R2800) Shipping is $0 from the website which uses DHL SA Import duty states free import duty on loudspeakers 8518.2 South African Customs will charge me VAT of 15% Total...
  6. Eniigma

    NZ: Travellers refusing digital search now face $5000 Customs fine


    Customs & UK Ebay Purchase

    Hi I am trying to wade through confusing SARS customs info, uuurgh, hoping someone here might be able to advise. I will be getting a second hand eBay purchase, a 2004 scanner, from the UK, and need to know what customs and VAT charges might apply. I have a friend flying in from the UK...
  8. J

    Amazon question

    I've spotted some few items from Amazon that I'd like to buy. I'm familiar with online shopping locally but every time I look up purchasing from international stores, the words 'import duties' and 'customs' keep popping. So my questions are: 1. How does import duties and customs work on Amazon...
  9. Espee

    How to travel overseas with an engagement ring

    My girlfriend and I are going overseas with friends at the end of March. I plan on asking her to marry me. I have an engagement ring with a certificate and invoice. Do I have to declare the ring before going overseas or can I just leave it in my carry on luggage and take it without declaring...
  10. D

    Ordered from and package arrived with empty box, how to get refund?

    Hey, I ordered a Lenovo Zuk Z2 from and waited for 2 months for it. It arrived at the post office, went to get it, signed for it and opened it at the post office. The phone box packaging was damaged and the phone was missing. Now I need a refund, I contacted and they said they...
  11. D

    Customs help

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a contact at customs or jhb mail centre? I have had a parcel sent from the US with the USPS first class package service and I can only track it up until US borders. I understand that you can phone and get a local tracking number but they say that parcel has not yet...
  12. D order issue

    Hey, I ordered a phone from 6 weeks ago, for the past 2 weeks the status has been arrived at destination post, it came via Singapore post and will go through sapo I guess. Can I do anything to speed this process up as I am leaving the country in 2 weeks.
  13. S

    Customs and Import Duties for Development Boards, e.g. RPi

    I would like to find out from those who have imported ARM development boards in connection with customs VAT and import duties. For example, what rates have you paid when importing boards such as the Raspberry Pi? I am asking because I am importing the Samsung Exynos 4412-based board on...
  14. K

    Taking forever for my parcel to arrive from the US. Help!

    Hello everyone! I tried solving this issue alone but when I think of who would have good advice then I know I need to come here! I was sent a package from the US from a friend (it's a gift just a shirt) over a month ago and still nothing has arrived. My friend did not have a tracking...
  15. Z

    Buy/import AHCC

    Hi I'm looking for an immune booster supplement that can assist in well being of cancer patients amoung other benefits. The supplement is called AHCC, apparently this is an over the counter supplement overseas. Unfortunately this does not seem to be available in South Africa. Does...
  16. A

    Can you help me find my eBay USPS package?

  17. S

    Questions about shipping from

    Good day guys, in November I ordered some stuff from, this is the first time ever I've ordered something internationally, and got some questions. According to the tracking service, the items arrived in South Africa end of November, but I didn't get a local tracking number, I thought I...
  18. M

    Taking biltong to Hong Kong..

    Hi everyone, I am travelling to Hong Kong in two weeks and whilst there I'm staying with some old university mates who are now teaching there. They are Saffas and I want to take them a thank-you package for their hospitality. I figured some good SA wine and a couple of big sticks of proper...
  19. Zenbaas

    "Best" price on Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm VR + 55-300mm VR Twin Lens Kit

    So it looks like I have settled on this combination for my camera. Looking locally it will cost quite a lot more. I'm only really interested in the 55-300mm lens as we already have a 18-55mm lens which I will probably look at flogging. That said when looking at importing the best I can find...
  20. J

    Importing PC Repair toolkits from US into South Africa - help!

    Hi There, I'm wanting to buy a toolkit set from - a company in the US that has come up with a truly brilliant set of screwdrivers and other PC repair tools. They are happy with getting it to me via USPS but strictly state that they are not involved when it comes to Customs and...