1. Kevin Lancaster

    MWEB fibre-to-the-home prices revealed

    MWEB fibre-to-the-home prices announced MWEB has announced its fibre broadband prices, which are currently available to Parkhurst fibre-to-the-home customers
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Rubik’s Cube world champions coming to SA

    Rubik’s Cube world champions coming to South Africa South Africa is hosting international Speedcube competitions, and has attracted two world champions to the local events
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Parkview chooses Dark Fibre Africa for FTTH

    Parkview FTTH project chooses Dark Fibre Africa Parkview has announced that it has selected Dark Fibre Africa to build the fibre network for its neighbourhood
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Web Africa fibre-to-the-home prices announced

    Web Africa fibre-to-the-home prices revealed Web Africa’s data prices for the Parkhurst FTTH initiative have been announced
  5. Jan

    Parkhurst Vumatel 1Gbps fibre network live

    Parkhurst Vumatel 1Gbps fibre goes live Homes in Parkhurst have started getting access to Vumatel’s fibre network.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL - SA prices

    40Mbps uncapped VDSL prices compared Telkom recently cut the price of its 20Mbps and 40Mbps uncapped VDSL services – here is how these new rates stack up against other ISPs
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Fibre-to-the-business prices ranked

    Fibre-to-the-business prices compared Vodacom recently unveiled its fibre-to-the-business prices – here is how they stack up against competing products
  8. princes_arabella

    Cybersmart - Connection keeps terminating

    Yesterday I started experiencing problems on my Cybersmart 2MBps uncapped home line. The internet would turn on and off every few minutes. After phoning them and checking my connection logs, discovered dozens of attempts to connect, with each connection terminated after a few minutes. They say...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Telkom ADSL speed upgrades might come at a cost

    Telkom ADSL speed upgrade: cautious optimism South African Internet service providers weigh in on Telkom’s possible ADSL speed upgrades
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Cybersmart launches 100Mbps fibre service

    Cybersmart 100Mbps uncapped fibre service launched Cybersmart has commercially launched its new Lightspeed 100Mbps fibre service, aimed at the business market
  11. jes

    Net neutrality a bad, bad idea, says ISP CEO

    Net neutrality a bad, bad idea: ISP CEO A well-known ISP CEO says that net neutrality hurts network investment – adding that content providers paying ISPs to prioritize their traffic makes more sense
  12. jes

    Uncapped ADSL prices compared

    Uncapped ADSL prices compared Uncapped ADSL service prices are constantly shifting – here is the latest comparison to help you find the cheapest deal
  13. P

    Awesome service from cybersmarts CEO

    I’m sometimes quick on the trigger when something goes wrong with my internet, but I had some awesome service from cybersmart yesterday. For some time now the Game Battlefield just did not want to work online anymore and from the forums it seemed that I was not the only one. The problem...
  14. Jan

    Cape Town's fibre network has attracted some big guns in SA telecoms

    Big players on Cape Town fibre network A number of large players in South Africa’s telecommunications sector have signed agreements to access the City of Cape Town’s network infrastructure.
  15. S

    Cybersmart - Judge for yourself if you want to do business with them!

    Some background: We have been dealing with Cybersmart for the last year or so and have ordered about a dozen Diginet circuits via them. Most if not all of the circuits were delayed and basically not a single one worked off the bat. Whether this was Cybersmart's router config or Telkom's lack of...
  16. Jan

    Biggest bandwidth hogs on South African ADSL

    Biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs in SA The latest ISP statistics show that South Africa’s top ADSL users consume the same as hundreds of low-end consumers.
  17. Jan

    Top ADSL ISP in South Africa – MyBroadband survey

    Top ADSL ISP in South Africa – survey The latest MyBroadband survey reveals which ADSL service provider received the best ratings from customers.
  18. jes

    Capped ADSL is making a comeback

    Capped ADSL making a comeback Some Internet Service Providers reported growth in their capped ADSL products, which may show a comeback of capped ADSL
  19. J

    49db line attenuation

    is a line attenuation of 49db downstream the problem of my often disconnects? I had ongoing problem and it got worse when line was sync at 4mbps, it will drop connection often. I had phone call from a Telkom Engineer today giving me below info regarding my problem: Direct quoted from out...
  20. I

    Illegal inertia marketing by Cybersmart

    Cybersmart have announced "free" speed upgrades, which cost R54pm (1Mb/s to 2Mb/s) if one does nothing. Although the consumer is given the option to decline the offer, this requires a response. This is illegal inertia marketing. From...