1. J

    Web Connection and Cybersmart as Fibre ISP's on Vumatel Network

    Hi all, Vumatel have recently finished installing fibre in my area and im trying to decide on which ISP to go with. From the various packages listed on Vumatel's site, Web Connection and Cybersmart seem really good. Both are cheap, uncapped, unthrottled, and come with VoIP (which is important as...
  2. D

    Lightspeed by Cybersmart feedback

    Hi everyone, I am a member of the body corporate of a building here on the Durban beachfront. Ideally we would like to get rid of Telkom for obvious reasons. So i did some research and found that DFA has fibre at the end of the street. I decided to contact a few ISP's for installation...
  3. C

    Best SA Web Host Research

    I would like to research and report on South African hosting providers' uptime (percentage of time website is online and accessible) as well as connection speed (miliseconds to reach site). While most web hosts claim 99.9% uptime, from experience I know this to be false. For the investigation I...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Faster fibre speeds from Cybersmart in 2017

    Faster fibre speeds from Cybersmart in 2017 Cybersmart’s fibre products with user-configurable speeds are a hit and the company plans to increase the peak speeds of these products in 2017.
  5. D

    Cybersmart and telkom

    Hi, Has anyone had the issue where their telkom lines went dead for days with no telephone or ADSL. I am currently with Cybersmart (line and data) and want to know if its possible to get a refund for the days of no service?
  6. D

    Help! Poor quality line following upgrade (cybermart)

    So we've had a 2mb line with cybersmart for about a year, with very few problems and a good download speed (200-220kbs) and good international gaming latency (170m to EU servers). Recently (about 2 weeks ago) we decided to upgrade to a 4mb, hoping for better streaming and download speeds...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Cybersmart Lightspeed – 300Mbps real-world speeds at less than R900 per month

    Cybersmart Lightspeed – 300Mbps real-world speeds at less than R900 per month Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov provides details about their Lightspeed fibre service, which offers excellent speeds at affordable prices.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    400Mbps FTTH product for R599 is a winner

    400Mbps FTTH product for R599 is a winner Cybersmart’s new 400Mbps fibre-to-the-home service, with pricing between R599 and R899, is enjoying tremendous uptake.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    This South African ISP CEO stuck it to the man

    This South African ISP CEO stuck it to the man When the ASA ruled against his 400Mbps fibre-to-the-home marketing, Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov did what no one expected.
  10. Kevin Lancaster

    Cybersmart 400Mbps Lightspeed fibre claim is misleading – ASA

    Cybersmart 400Mbps Lightspeed fibre claim is misleading – ASA The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled against Cybersmart, following a complaint about its 200Mbps fibre service.
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Cybersmart 200Mbps fibre-to-the-home - from R599 per month

    Cybersmart 200Mbps fibre-to-the-home for R599 Cybersmart has launched its new 200Mbps FTTH products, with prices ranging between R599 and R899 per month.
  12. C

    Cybersmart - WIN your share of R100 000 - Rugby World Cup Competition

    Cybersmart is running a competition for all Cybersmart account holders. A R100 000 cash pot prize is up for grabs to Cybersmart account holders who correctly names the 48 winners of the 2015 Rugby World Cup! There are 5 entries per Cybersmart account holder and the cash prize will be split...
  13. H

    Lightspeed cyberphone problems in Woodstock, CT

    We're having problems with Cybersmart's phones. They haven't worked for 2 days now and we constantly call and email them to ask what's going on with canned "we'll look into it" responses. The phones have been wonky for the last week, with settings getting wiped 2 times since last Monday and...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Gigabit Metro Ethernet - new service from Cybersmart

    Gigabit Metro Ethernet service from Cybersmart Cybersmart has launched a Gigabit Metro Ethernet service, competing directly with Metro Ethernet services from large telecoms providers
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    200Mbps fibre-to-the-business plus free calls

    200Mbps fibre-to-the-business with free calls Cybersmart has increased its fibre product range with new 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 150Mbps, and 200Mbps services
  16. QuintonB

    SA broadband in 2015, according to ISP CEOs

    Broadband in South Africa in 2015 Some of South Africa’s top ISP CEOs tell us what they are looking forward to from the broadband market in 2015
  17. QuintonB

    The best and worst of 2014, according to SA ISPs

    The best and worst of 2014: ISP CEOs Some of South Africa’s top ISP CEOs share their views on the best and worst broadband developments in South Africa this year
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Biggest broadband developments this year

    Biggest broadband developments in 2014 This year saw many important developments in the South African broadband market. Here are some of the highlights
  19. S

    Cybersmart help

    Hi guys So this is what I've been having a problem with. I switched ISP's from Vox to Cybersmart at the beginning of the month; and since then I have been having persistent issues with my internet. Although the SpeedTest results always show up as being fine; the actual usability of the...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    150Mbps uncapped fibre, unlimited free calls with Lightspeed

    150Mbps uncapped fibre, unlimited free calls Cybersmart has unveiled a new Lightspeed++ service, offering uncapped 150Mbps fibre and unlimited calls