digital terrestrial television (dtt)

  1. Jan

    Rain trialled businesses services and is ready to launch

    Rain ready to launch business products — but TV stations need to climb out of its spectrum Rain is trialling new products and packages for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, it can't launch until South African broadcasters switch off their analogue TV signals. "Rain will bring a...
  2. Jan

    SABC must submit plan for making money from digital TV - Minister

    SABC must explain how it's going to make money — besides TV licences Communications minister, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, has given the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) until 30 June 2022 to explain how it plans on generating more revenue. She also said her department is working with...
  3. Jan

    Another year, another digital TV deadline missed

    Digital TV in South Africa nearly 11 years late South Africa's digital migration is nearly 11 years behind schedule, with the government missing its initial November 2011 deadline and our commitment to the International Telecommunications Union of 17 July 2015. Digital migration is the process...
  4. Jan

    SABC hiring inspectors to double-check Sentech's DTT STB installations

    SABC wants to inspect Sentech's digital decoder installations The SABC is appointing independent inspectors to double-check the number and quality of government-subsidised set-top-box installations around the country, The Sunday Times reports. The publication spotted the broadcaster's tender...
  5. Jan

    High court gives E-tv hollow victory in analogue TV switch-off case

    High Court rules to delay analogue TV switch-off The Pretoria High Court has ruled that South Africa must delay switching off old analogue TV broadcasts from 31 March to 30 June 2022. While technically a victory for E-tv owner eMedia against communications minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, it is...
  6. Jan

    Icasa buys time for spectrum fights to play out

    Full analogue TV switch-off delayed The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has effectively delayed the complete switch-off of analogue TV with the announcement of a “transition period”. Communications minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has set the switch-off date for 31...
  7. Jan

    Minister vs broadcasters - Big fight brewing over analogue TV signals in South Africa

    SABC wants South Africa's analogue TV switch-off delayed — and the minister is having none of it The SABC wants to delay the digital migration process as the rollout of decoder-like digital set-top-boxes has been too slow. According to the SABC, it still supports the digital migration but...
  8. Jan

    South Africa's analogue TV switch-off date declared

    South Africa is switching off analogue TV — final date announced South Africa will finish its migration to digital terrestrial television and switch off its analogue TV signals on 31 March 2022. The switch-off will free critical wireless network capacity that mobile operators want to expand...
  9. Jan

    SABC's analogue terrestrial TV signal switched off in Northern Cape

    Second province in South Africa switches off analogue TV Communications minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni oversaw the switch-off of the last analogue TV transmitter in the Northern Cape today. The successful migration from analogue to digital television means that Northern Cape (and Free State)...
  10. Jan

    Sentech only needs two months to shut off E-tv's analogue transmitters - Minister

    We can shut off E-tv's old TV signal in two months — Minister Sentech switched off all 84 of M-Net’s old analogue terrestrial television sites in two months, and the state-owned signal distributor can shut down E-tv’s remaining transmitters in the same amount of time. This is according to...
  11. Jan

    Free State is the first province to switch off analogue TV signals

    First province in South Africa completes analogue TV switch-off Communications minister Khumbudzo Ntshaveni says the Free State has become the first South African province to switch off its analogue television transmitters completely. That means that residents in the province now require a...
  12. Jan

    60,000 households apply for free TV decoder in October 2021

    60,000 free digital TV decoders have homes Nearly 60,000 households have applied for government-subsidised digital terrestrial television set-top boxes, the Post Office has said.
  13. Jan

    Digital TV migration in South Africa gets new deadline - January 2022

    Good news for digital TV in South Africa Following more than a decade of delays, South Africa's digital migration is set to be completed in the next four months. This plan was revealed by the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, during a recent update on...
  14. Chris

    How to get your hands on a free digital TV decoder

    How to get your hands on a free digital TV decoder South Africans who want to watch the SABC and eTV’s free-to-air channels can get a free digital decoder from the government to access these channels once analogue broadcasts have been switched off. The SABC recently started displaying a...
  15. P

    USB TV Tuner dongle for LCD TV

    I've got a few LCD TVs but don't think that any of them have a digital TV tuner that can pick up DVB-T2, but do have USB and HDMI ports. When the analogue to digital switchover finally happens here in South Africa, I'm not looking forward to having to buy a separate set top box for each TV...
  16. Jan

    Digital TV migration policy out next week

    Digital TV migration policy imminent: DoC The final Broadcasting Digital Migration (BDM) policy in the Government Gazette next week.
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    R4.3 billion digital TV tender in doubt: DA

    R4.3 billion digital TV tender in doubt: DA The Democratic Alliance has expressed concerns over a recently closed tender for digital TV set-top boxes
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Digital TV decoder subsidy details published

    Digital TV decoder subsidy details published Signs of movement around South Africa’s migration to digital terrestrial television are welcomed, the DA said
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    Digital TV costing tax payers another R620 million

    Digital TV costing tax payers another R620 million South Africa’s perpetually postponed migration to digital TV continues to cost Treasury hundreds of millions
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    No sign of any progress in digital TV: DA

    No sign of any progress in digital TV: DA South Africa’s migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television appears to be at a standstill