1. J

    Edge reading data from other browsers without consent

    Edge reading data from other browsers without consent Microsoft has provided comment on why its Edge browser has been found to import data from other browsers without consent. "We believe browser data belongs to the customer and they have the right to decide what they should do with it,"...
  2. M

    Microsoft employee installs Chrome mid-presentation because Edge keeps crashing

    Microsoft employee installs Chrome mid-presentation because Edge keeps crashing http://tnw.me/6EOkkk3
  3. R

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB - Black Sapphire [S]

    Item name: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB - Black Sapphire with body glove flip cover/s Age and condition: 24 Months, good Do you include packaging: Yes, original packaging Warranty: no Reason for selling: Purchase an S8 over the weekend Price: R4500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Lonehill...
  4. tsume

    Nexus 5X - Network Issue

    For the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing network issues with my Nexus 5X, I'm not sure if it's because of the last update that went out or if its my mobile provider (Telkom mobile). At random moments I'll be connected via LTE, and then the cross over the LTE appears meaning no...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Microsoft Edge is the best browser for Netflix

    Microsoft Edge is the best browser for Netflix If you want to watch true 1080p content on Netflix from your PC, you need to use Microsoft’s Edge browser, according to tests.
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Microsoft Edge browser to get Google’s open WebM video format

    Microsoft Edge browser to get Google’s open WebM video format Microsoft’s new web browser is getting support for the open source WebM video format from Google.
  7. S

    Totolink G300R 300Mbps 3G/4G Wireless N Router But will it work?

    Hello my informative friends :) I am looking at buying this router for myself and since I am going to be the only one using it I don't see why I need to buy an expensive brand also I have read alot of positive reviews on this (little guy) my question is as follows: -Will it work with my ZTE...
  8. S

    [S] Galaxy S6 Edge Sapphire Black

    Item name (be very descriptive): Galaxy S6 edge, 64Gb Sapphire black. This is a Vodacom contract unit and is running LP 5.1.1, not rooted, Knox intact, includes Samsung clear cover. Age and condition: 2 months, spotless Do you include packaging: Yes, full retail packaging Warranty: Yes -...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    SA’s IMT Roadmap

    South Africa’s IMT Roadmap What is the IMT Roadmap and what does it mean for the South African telecommunications sector?
  10. L

    EDGE problems on iPhone 4

    I just switched from Vodacom to Cell C and am using an iPhone 4. When my phone is connected to the 3G Cell C network, everything is great. However, when the 3G signal drops, and my phone goes back on to EDGE, my internet is literally unusable. Can't receive mail, can't connect to Whatsapp...
  11. O

    vodacom 3G K3772-Z moderm drives

    Hi Eish I have problem installing vodacom K3772-Z moderm drives on my window 7 32bit laptop any suggestion? It says error 2554,database not found,I tried control panel security-->device manager--->universal serial...--->uninstall mass storage device formula,updating from broadband desktop...
  12. ginggs

    Stuck on EDGE, unable to switch to 3G (E1820 / E1752?)

    Morkhans and I were doing some wardriving yesterday afternoon with new a Cell C 3G SIM in a Huawei E1820 doing some speed tests. At about 17:00 we inserted the Cell C SIM into Morkhans' Huawei E272 modem and could only connect on EDGE. We then put the Cell C SIM back into the E1820 and for the...
  13. T


    EDGE is an acronym for Enhanced Data (rates) for GSM Evolution, and is also known as EGPRS which is an acronym for Enhanced GPRS, i.e. an extension of GPRS. Since EDGE is based on GPRS which is a GSM technology, EDGE uses timeslots, and can reach a theoretical maximum speed of 473.6kbps using...
  14. Rouxenator

    2G/EDGE : Network performance tests

    I have recently started to test the performance of 2G (2.75G EDGE) internet connection on various networks. This was due to suspicious that some networks had very poor 2G performance while they have sufficient backhaul capacity to do much better (based on their 3G performance). So far I have...
  15. S

    My Virgin Mobile is broken

    It's true in more ways than one. But the way on which I am focussing right now, is Virgin Mobile's GPRS/EDGE service being practically DEAD!!! When it logs in (or rather if), it takes ages! It practically refuses to download international sites, and local sites like Mybb takes ages to...
  16. Rouxenator

    Virgin is the worst network ever.

    I bought a couple of EDGE modems from Hong Kong. They work nicely on proper networks like MTN and Vodacom. On bottom feeder networks like cellc and virgin they are ok - sometimes they disconnect - but overall they are usable. The problem comes in with customer support. All my EDGE modems have...
  17. V

    Vodacom's EDGE Strategy [and EDGE Q&A]

    There's been a lot of questions around Vodacom's EDGE strategy lately. Herewith some clarity on this and other bearer networks Vodacom are deploying. 1) It's important to remember that GSM is NOT the future for data networks. EDGE is the last iteration of the GSM technology and effectively is...
  18. N

    What is GPRS+

    MTNBroadband, Can you please explain the difference between GPRS and GPRS+ ? Is it, as I suspect, just different coding schemes? I'm assuming MTN GPRS is cs1 and cs2, while GPRS+ is cs3 and cs4? Can you also confirm what coding schemes you'll be using on EDGE? Will it be higher than cs5?