1. M

    Online Tutoring app

    Hello Everyone Covid has brought many challenges to many sectors of South Africa and the rest of the world. We looked on as tough times fell upon us, many companies struggled and with no positive certainty in sight many felt the squeeze. We took it upon our selfs as a company to try and evolve...
  2. Clothahump

    Router suggestion for classroom - 30 wifi connections

    Hi there. I'm looking at a LTE solution for a classroom with 30 students. 1. Need a router that can handle 30 wifi connections - some 2.4 and some 5.8 GHz 2. Need a whitelist/blacklist on router - to stop facebook etc. 3. We have a MTN tower on school grounds - therefore planning to go with MTN...
  3. PrimeSteak

    Help with finding a institution that offers IT qualifications via distance learning

    Hey guys, soooo I've run into a bit of a wall here...After wonderful( :rolleyes:) encounters with AIE and Pearson Institute I've run out of options of where to study from next year on, I'm in Matric as of now so I'm making the final adjustments for my plans for 2021 education-wise. What...
  4. J

    The problem with mathematics education in South Africa

    The problem with mathematics education in South Africa The latest figures on 2020 matric enrollment show the steady failure of the country to deliver satisfactory mathematics education. This is nothing new, with the shocking downward trend in South African mathematics education reflected in...
  5. M

    Covid-19 Impact On Students Financial Assistance

    I have a son who is going to study at varsity next year. We decided to subscribe to various bursaries and financial assistance websites like to receive latest bursaries for next year. What I am now concerned about is the fact that universities and companies...
  6. Activelion

    Please help me out with my study

    Hi Guys! I am doing a study on working conditions and organisational commitment amongst South African workers. Please can you help me out by filling the following questionnaire It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. Thank you!
  7. J

    Learners and teachers with underlying conditions - Guidance needed on back-to-school plans

    Learners and teachers with underlying conditions - Guidance needed on back-to-school plans Teachers' unions have released a joint statement following a meeting held with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) on 12 May. The unions - comprising NATU, NAPTOSA, PEU, SADTU, and SAOU - complained...
  8. losta

    Constitutional Court rules Stellenbosch University change from Afrikaans to English

    The Constitutional Court has dismissed the appeal by Afrikaans lobby group Gelyke Kanse against the 2016 language policy of Stellenbosch University which saw English being elevated above Afrikaans as a medium of instruction. The apex court said while most entrants to the university were able to...
  9. KingAuthor

    Are IT Academy qualifications nationally accredited?

    I was browsing for short software development courses and I stumpled upon this IT Academy software develoment bundle. If anyone has enrolled in one of their courses, are they accredited? Are they reliable? What value do they carry to the employer? And if there are better short (software...
  10. actuallychad

    Volunteers needed for research

    The University of Cape Town is looking for volunteers to take part in research! HOW HEALTHY ARE COMPETITIVE COMPUTER GAMERS? The aim of this research is to investigate the sleep, health and mental performance of gamers and compare it to non-gamers. We are looking for non-gamers only; i.e. if...
  11. B34ni3boy

    Obtaining a matric or exemption

    Here is my problem in 2004, i failed grade 11, my high school were prepared to transfer me to grade 12 but i instead decided to do my N2 an N3 (thats what they called it in those days at a technical college. It was a rough time in my life so i have no records of anything. as far as i remember...
  12. J

    Why giving tablets to every South African school kid is a dumb idea

    Why giving tablets to every South African school kid is a dumb idea President Cyril Ramaphosa recently stated in his 2019 SONA address that every school pupil in South Africa will have a tablet device within the next six years. "Over the next six years, we will provide every school child in...
  13. fundutzi

    Humble compass: What to do post successful matriculation?

    Dear All, It so happen that some related persons face the question: What to do post successful matriculation? "" recently published an article with estimates of some tertiary education costs at university level as can be seen here. Perhaps the scope must first be defined...
  14. C

    What path should i take??

    Hi there,for the last two years iv'e been doing Bsc Computer Science (3 year) at UWC. Every single subject passed except maths,failed the same module twice.and NOW I'M STUCK.In the beginning of the year they told me if i fail a module twice i will be academically excluded for one whole year. I...
  15. B

    Where can I study to be a teacher through distance learning in South Africa?

    Hey everyone. I`m currently studying to be a teacher at a public university in South Africa, but I want to transfer my studies to a distance learning institution. UNISA won`t tell me which modules I will be exempted from until I register with them and pay my study fees (which is a major risk I...
  16. The_Librarian

    ALERT : All homeschoolers, or people who plan to do homeschooling...

    LEVEL 1 REGULATORY ALERT The Pestalozzi Trust has issued a Level 1 Regulatory Alert. This means that regulatory changes are planned that will directly impact your freedom to home educate. The Council of Education Ministers (CEM) are to meet this week, and the draft Policy on Home...
  17. Newsfeed

    Maths is still compulsory – Education department

    Maths is still compulsory – Education department The Department of Basic Education has reiterated that it will not be removing Maths for Grades 7 to 9, after several news reports indicated that it would.
  18. Newsfeed

    Education department sets record straight on pass requirements

    Education department sets record straight on pass requirements The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has rebuffed media reports on the minimum promotion requirements in school, labelling these claims as misleading.
  19. E

    computer engineering or electronic engineering?

    Hi I completed my matric in 2015 and I am now looking for a course to pursue which grabs my interests. can somebody please advise me on which to study. The things I want to do involve software and hardware development and aside from that one of the biggest things I want to work on is artificial...
  20. S

    Requesting insight especially from those in Psychology or Social Work field!

    Contrary to the title, anyone can answer if you have advice :) So there is a Gen.Diploma in Industrial&Organizational psychology at Intec (NQF 6 accredited and has a saqa nr.) ...Now what I want to know is 1) do you know anyone who has completed it? 2) Do you think one would be able to open...