1. Jan

    Driver's licence renewal deadline must be extended - OUTA

    Driver's licence renewal mess — no choice but to extend preposterous deadline The Department of Transport will have no choice but to extend the 31 August 2021 deadline for renewing driver's licences again, Outa CEO Wayne Duvenage has said. "The broken system that government is relying on has...
  2. Jan

    Threatened with arrest over R370 traffic fine

    Driver's licence extortion in South Africa A MyBroadband reader was told they would be arrested if they ever get pulled over in a roadblock thanks to an unpaid R370 fine from 2018 that they were never informed about. The only reason the reader found out about the outstanding fine is because...
  3. R

    Cancelling Drivers license renewal-Enatis

    Hi everyone I booked a drivers license renewal slot however I am unable to attend. When I attempted to book another day, it says that I cannot book two drivers license renewal slots. I attempted to cancel he one I booked however the only way to do so is physically going to the testing station...
  4. P

    Duplicate Registration Papers from Overseas

    Hi guys If anyone can help me, I am trying to find out how to obtain the eNatis car registration document from overseas. Does anyone know the process? I am based in Sydney, and my vehicle is stuck in Johannesburg. I see that you can do it in the Western Cape - but no information is given for...
  5. O

    What are the documents to receive when buying used car?

    Hi, I will be buying a used car from a dealer or private seller very soon. I am in the final stages negotiating the final price with both. I need information on which documents I must receive from either seller to confirm the car is mine? I want to avoid buying a stolen car I want...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    IT company demands R122 million to hand over eNatis data

    IT company demands R122 million to hand over eNatis data IT company Tasima is demanding that the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) pay it R122 million in management fees and staff payments, the Sunday Times reported.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    eNatis company wins court case against Department of Transport

    eNatis company wins court case against Department of Transport The company that operates eNaTIS has won a court victory in its long running battle with the department of transport.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Warning: take proof of address when renewing your car licence

    Warning: take proof of address when renewing your car licence Justice Project South Africa has warned motorists to take proof of address with them when renewing their vehicle licences.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    eNatis contract declared invalid by court

    eNatis contract declared invalid by court The high court in Pretoria has declared that the extension of the eNaTIS system contract from 2010 to 2015 by former transport department director-general George Mahlalela was invalid.
  10. DWPTA

    Legal battle threatens to put the brakes on eNaTiS

  11. QuintonB

    How government can optimise the billions spent on ICT

    Coordinated ICT is effective ICT Government is spending billions on ICT, but to assure the most effective use of these funds the various arms of government need to communicate with one another
  12. ?

    Try hack our system (eNatis) challenges Tasima

    See the video Clip here
  13. LazyLion

    R144m down the drain [Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)]

    http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=vn20100729121722806C257330 Can some of those guys with the rose coloured glasses on please tell me how this kind of corruption is excusable and good for the country? Is there one department that the ANC has not royally phc#ked up?
  14. rpm

    eNatis costs double

    eNatis costs double