fibre installation

  1. Sirius

    Fibre Installation

    Hi, I am still waiting for the installation to happen and today is my last day with my current provider. I WFH and it would be a big inconvincible if something is not done. @AfriNatic please assist as I will have an angry bunch of kids who will make their worst parent ever if there is no...
  2. YourKaptain

    Frogfoot Installation - ABSOLUTE Nightmare...

    Ordered new fibre line to be installed on the 11th of August, through Afrihost - after weeks of battling to get the installation date set with Frogfoot, it was finally scheduled by their subcontractor for this morning - Thursday, 27 August 2020. Installers pulled the fibre, installed the Fibre...
  3. M

    Fibre installation estimate

    I stay in a small complex in Parklands and we want to get Fibre installed in the complex for 20 units. Can anyone tell me how long this whole process may take more or less?
  4. G

    Vumatel with Cell C-Fibre, Line Speeds, Cape Town

    Hopefully the following post can help someone out there that had as many questions I had regarding Fibre and its performance. Questions such as: Who is the best ISP to select once your line has been installed? Is there a difference between LTE-A and Fibre? Which router is the best for Fibre...
  5. X88Bass

    What is the best fibre service?

    I'm looking to switch to fibre hence i've been using prepaid wi-fi with a ASUS router (Model 4G-N12 Wireless-N300 LTE Modem Router). - I need a service that's affordable for unlimited online streaming and downloading. Any suggestions? - I was looking at axxess so far, anyone used their...
  6. M

    Complex preventing Fibre from being installed

    Does anyone know if a complex is allowed to prevent Fibre from being installed? Our complex won't let Fibre come in because of crime and they do not want the damages associated with installations. I doubt I have rights pertaining to this?
  7. L

    ClearlineIS Fibre

    Hi all, So there has been people installing fibre in my are and I stopped to ask them who they are and they said they are Clearline. Now, searching through various ISPs, I can't seem to find anybody using clearline. If any body knows who they are or what they do then please share some...
  8. T

    Fibre in Yellowwood Park

    Hi there :) I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how I can go about finding out when fibre will be coming to my area? I have been phoning Telkom to find out when they will be installing Fibre here and they cannot tell me. I am desperate for a quicker upload speed.
  9. N

    Advice on Fibre ISP provider selection. WebAfrica, iConnect or Vox Telecoms.

    Hi all. Im looking to install fibre to my apartment. Fibre is laid to area and infrastructure provided by Fibrehoods. I have a few ISP options of which im deciding between WebAfrica, iConnect or Vox Telecoms. All pretty similar packages and prices. Any advice from any of you who may...
  10. N

    Best provider on Octotel

    Need some help. Octotel is rolling out to our area in Cape Town. They list their partner ISPs as RSAWeb, CoolIdeas, WebAfrica, Vanilla, Vox, MWEB, Sonic, iConnect, Afrihost. RSAWeb, CoolIdeas and WebAfrica all have an uncapped 100Mbps offering for R999 per month. Does anyone have any experience...
  11. B

    Web Africa Fibre installed and activated within 2 weeks

    Web Africa surprisingly has good service and their Fibre, although only 10mbps international, is still stable. I am getting 100mbps locally but that’s not where we consume content from but I got 50gb within 1.5 hours. OpenServe, a subsidiary of Telkom, is the proxy that installed the...
  12. Anthro

    Anthro's Experience "Fibre through WebAfrica - Telkom FTTH"

    [Placeholder] I ordered Fibre through WA today 10Mbps Fibre Home: 40GB + 1000GB package. :whistle: It is asynchronous though 10/1 but we'll see how things turn out !
  13. H

    Telkom line upgrade?

    Hi all, new user. I live in an area where my telkom landline can only support max of 2mbps adsl. How should I go about starting the process to have this line possibly upgraded or hopefully having fibre installed (we do not have fibre coverage in my area). Or any other possible solution for...
  14. P

    Fibre Installation Start to Live

    Hi guys, My experience so far on the maboneng network from the time of application to going live. Here is my feedback: Network Provider : Maboneng Broadband (the line was already installed in my street) ISP : Cool Ideas Package : 20/20 Price : R899 Maboneng Broadband - on the...
  15. H

    Fibre ready for the complex

    Ok finally , my 2mb copper line is being replaced with a 100mb fire connection Now the fun starts and I'm a bit lost , I need help from the Community please 1. I'm gong to take a 10mb uncapped version due to my budget 2. I don't what to take out a 2 year contract I want to upgrade or...